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Wanting to join in a discussion with feminists on a blog or other online forum? Need more information?

If you haven’t read it already, please read the Introduction page, which explains the purpose of the FAQs on this blog both for those wishing to know more about feminism and for feminists wishing to use the FAQs as a resource to direct discussions.

Below are the FAQs thus far (this page will be irregularly updated as FAQs are added). Qs in small font are in progress but not yet posted. If your question is not addressed in the FAQs below, please check the Open Suggestions Thread to see whether someone else has suggested the same question and/or provided a useful link to an article addressing that question.

Each of the FAQ posts below contain links to other material, especially other blog-posts, from other authors online. The comments threads provide links to further reading supplied by the readers of this blog. As the FAQ entries are meant as brief summaries only, if you want deeper understanding of the issues you need to follow these links.

There is some necessary repetition in some of the FAQs, because not everybody is going to read every Q, so material needs to be placed in more than one post to effectively cover various issues.

NB: The FAQs attempt to be descriptive from a reasonably neutral position. There are other posts on this blog which are not FAQs which are intended as general feminist resources and op-eds: these posts are not intended to be neutral documents.


Feminist Fundamentals

Things to know about feminism

What does all this mean to me personally?

Specific Issues:

Clarifying Concepts:

Clarifying Terminology

Clarifying Specific Issues

Addressing Complaints

Debunking Myths/Factoids

There’s also more exploration of specific feminist issues in the op-ed and Feminism Friday categories. (Read more about Friday Feminism here.)

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