May Open Thread

More Open Thread! Write what you like on topics within the general ambit of this blog, but here’s some suggestions for useful contributions:

  • links to recent posts/articles that relate to topics covered by the FAQs here (and the best links might even be added to the Further Reading Lists on some of those FAQs);
  • mentions of current events that illustrate examples relevant to the FAQs here;
  • links to posts/articles covering beyond-101 topics, as matters of general feminist/womanist interest;
  • recommendations on people/hashtags to follow on Twitter etc;
  • shameless self promotion of events, new blogs, new projects etc but keep it on-topic – feminist/womanist/intersectional and progressive;
  • let me know about any dead links on the older posts, and I’ll see if I can find a cached/archived version and update the link.

As a courtesy to other readers, please include content notes for any NSFW content or content that would be rated PG+ if it was part of a movie or would be prefaced with a “this may be distressing for some viewers” disclaimer on the TV news. This is so that others may make an informed choice on an appropriate time and place for reading such content.

All comments will go to the moderation queue, and the queue will be attended to in chunks in two or three modding sessions daily rather than dealt with as items arrive.  So please have patience – so long as you abide by the comments policy your comment will eventually appear. If you don’t abide by the comments policy your comment may still appear in a redacted form, with all redactions noted as such for transparency.

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5 comments on “May Open Thread

  1. 10 Simple Words Every Girl Should LearnBy Soraya Chemaly

    Men interrupt women, speak over them, and discount their contributions to a discussion with surprising regularity. Here’s how women should respond.

    “Stop interrupting me.”

    “I just said that.”

    “No explanation needed.”

    * * * * *
    Tabloid headlines without the sexism

    There’s no question that celebrity tabloids are awful. It’s essentially a whole industry held up by casual sexism. To hilariously point this out, Vagenda Magazine asked Twitter followers to re-write recent tabloid headlines, omitting the sexism.

    * * * * *
    Study Finds That Women Aren’t Run by Their Periods. Scientists Everywhere Are Confused.

    Last month, psychologists at the University of Southern California published a meta-analysis of 58 research experiments that tested whether a woman’s preferences for masculinity, dominance, symmetry, health, kindness, and testosterone levels in her male romantic partners actually fluctuate across her menstrual cycle. The answer: They do not.
    The researchers suspect that the drive to chart women’s choices on their fertility calendars reflects our desire to understand human behavior via rudimentary evolutionary explanations: “More modern evolutionary approaches,” they write, “recognize that social learning and innovation are central human adaptations that are enabled by biological processes” and that ”the evolution of the human brain did not stop with these ancient sensory, perceptual, and motivational systems.”

    • Maybe less gender stero-type absolutes pls:
      “Men interrupt women, speak over them, and discount their contributions to a discussion with surprising regularity”.

      Credibility would or could be enhanced.

  2. From Vagenda’s spoof headline hit to BBC4 documentary Blurred Lines, gender issues are very much on the cultural radar at the moment; but while we might be exposing the misogynistic culture of our media, there’s still a lack of intelligent and broad-ranging content for women that extends beyond beauty and fashion. We’re Libertine, and we want to change assumptions around ‘women’s interest’ by providing content for women that covers everything from business to culture. We want to redefine women’s media, and we really need your help to achieve this. Please check out our crowdfunding campaign at igg.me/at/libertine. Thank you!

  3. In the wake of the Isla Vista mass killings, this link roundup from David Futrelle could be relevant reading for some:
    For New Readers: An Intro to the Men’s Rights Movement and the New Misogyny

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