July Open Thread

Astrophotography of the Egg Nebula

The Egg Nebula, a Planetary nebula discovered in 1996 | via Wikimedia Commons

Another month another Open Thread! Here’s a discussion starter:

Explainer: feminism

Write what you like on topics within the general ambit of this blog, but here’s some suggestions for useful contributions:

  • links to recent posts/articles that relate to topics covered by the FAQs here (and the best links might even be added to the Further Reading Lists on some of those FAQs);
  • mentions of current events that illustrate examples relevant to the FAQs here;
  • links to posts/articles covering beyond-101 topics, as matters of general feminist/womanist interest;
  • recommendations on people/hashtags to follow on Twitter etc;
  • shameless self promotion of events, new blogs, new projects etc but keep it on-topic – feminist/womanist/intersectional and progressive;
  • let me know about any dead links on the older posts, and I’ll see if I can find a cached/archived version and update the link.

As a courtesy to other readers, please include content notes for any NSFW content or content that would be rated PG+ if it was part of a movie or would be prefaced with a “this may be distressing for some viewers” disclaimer on the TV news. This is so that others may make an informed choice on an appropriate time and place for reading such content.

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4 comments on “July Open Thread

  1. So I’m reading https://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/2007/10/19/sexism-definition/

    I don’t really have a problem with the article as far as it goes, but I think it needs…maybe a companion piece on how to use the word in actual discussion. Perhaps this already exists and I just don’t know quite what I’m looking for?

    Example 1: Since sexism is institutional, is it EVER possible to be sexist against *one person in particular*?

    Example 2: Are there patriarchal behaviors that aren’t sexist? I think it might make sense for one man to be “patriarchal to” but not “sexist against” another, since “sexist against [some] men” isn’t a thing.

  2. Witches, Paganism and Feminism.

    Majority of people think that feminism and paganism are apple and oranges subjects, but these two themes are closly related. And suprisley New Age would probably a jumping ground of the New femimist movement in American. I will give three solid reasons to start. One is the sexist confinement of organized religions. Women are being constantly frustrated by not onlty the vast indifrence of hierachal roles but the lack in voice in the Big three of Judiasm, Christainity and Islam. The female gender find it constantly problematic that they input is not taken seriously like child-rearing, reproductive rights and education. Issues they have expertise in. In the relgion of paganism women have more democratic say, based on history and tradition. If the patraichy and Sexism continues their will be a an exodus away from the big three towards not only paganism but also spiritually ancestor root from other culture around the world. The second is a pride of empowerment of the female gender. under relgions of paganism. The indepent role of the witch has been constant attack not only through simplr fairy tales told to young girls by their mother but through constant history of humankind. It was time the “witch” was revered as a repected part in community in almost all cultures but through the advent and transformation of economics and the cultural shift to major institized relgions the witch was consider as a outcast and infidel thorugh middle to modern society. Feminists are not seeing this history of the attack of these independent women is crucial of understanding women ‘s struggle for equality as African-americans collated the connection to Africa in the civil right movement in the sixities and seventies. The third reason is the quest for indivuality for young women in modern society. Women find that other option that the big three as better way to find connection with other females to discuss the problems of dealing issues of a sexist society.
    Relgions like Chirstianity are on the for front against the uprisng of the favor for paganism. The Christian politcally right -men (and some women) are becoming police state enforcers against paganism and continually a war that has been going through since Salem in this country. But it has gone more complex as Islam and Judiasm has gone into the arena. And there is be a split between the feminism movement wither or not to turn to the witches or spend helplessy good women getting burn to the stake again. Only time will tell.

  3. Hi!

    I am currently taking a summer class at NC State University called Women and Gender in Science and Technology, and we have a final project due in just a few days. For our project we created a website to show how women have vitally contributed to science and tried to explain why it is so important for women to pursue careers in STEM fields. The main goal of our site however is for our visitors to take a survey to see how much people’s opinion on the subject changes after they become aware and educated about how important women are to Science.
    It would really help me and my group if you could go on our site and look around a little bit and then take our survey!! As an incentive to take our survey, upon completion, if you email me at promotingchangesurvey@gmail.com with the subject line Netflix, I will email you back with a code for a free Netflix one-night rental! Here is our website: promotingchangeinscience.weebly.com

    Thanks so much for helping!

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