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Kill-filing repeatedly abusive commentors

Many bloggers get targeted by gits who like to pile up abusive comments on many posts, even when they know they’ve been put into permanent moderation, because they get a kick out of the idea of the blogger(s) reading the comments anyway. It’s hatespam. If you have email notification for posts in moderation, then you get the abuse sent to your email, a thought which they also love. It’s a particularly insidious form of cyberbullying, with the goal of intimidation and silencing of voices that bother them.

A note on the Shakesville crossposts

The various posts of Melissa’s that are being cross-posted as Feminism Friday posts all originally had extensive comments threads associated with them on Shakesville. Since the introduction of Shakesville‘s new commenting system (replacing Haloscan with Disqus) the links to the original Haloscan comments threads no longer appear on the Shakesville posts, although the Haloscan threads […]


I’ve made a few minor revisions to the following pages: Please Read This First Why was I sent to this blog? The revisions add some material (mostly footnotes) to make it clear that that someone might be sent here by feminists to find basic theory information simply because that’s exactly what they’ve asked for (perhaps […]