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7 comments on “Links

  1. […] , recommendations , announcements I’ve updated the Resources page, moving the various Links to their own subpage and adding a separate subpage for […]

  2. […] I’ve got links to the homepages of various feminist and feminist friendly carnivals in the Links section, but here’s a reminder of who’s hosting current sessions of the Carnivals. If searching […]

  3. I’m excited to find this blog. I’m an artists creating artrwork with a feminist twist. (www.cynthialait.com). The work is about finding a balance between the traditional roles we’ve often been trained for, and the need to find fulfillment for ourselves.


  4. I love all the resources you put together, they have been really useful. However, I was wondering if perhaps you have any idea where I can find links or resources regarding Latin American feminism in particular? I’m latina, and live there, but find it very hard to adapt feminism here at times, especially since I don’t know any others. If you know any links or somebody that could help me, please do tell.

  5. Glad to find this site. I am a feminist teaching English for Specific Purposes at a university. I also organise a women’s conversation table.
    I would like to create a short Englsih course for women going to international conferences, meetings, etc. which are held in English. It’s so important for all women around the world to understand eachother. Anyone else interested in doing this with me? Or does anyone have good sources to suggest?

  6. Please read a post on my blog on Feminism: The Mona Lisa: female body image.

    It compares the Mona Lisa to contemporary models.


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