The FAQs

You’ll get more out of these if you read the Introduction and the suggested information pages therein before you tackle these FAQs

There’s more here than just FAQs, but the FAQs form the primary purpose of this blog. The FAQs are intended to (by and large) be framed as a neutral point-of-view description of specific feminist issues. The links contained in the further reading sections of the FAQs make no claim to neutral point-of-view.

Where to start:

Use the sidebar links to navigate through the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ).

  • Peruse the FAQ Roundup post, which is irregularly updated.
  • The Introductory archive is here.
  • If you have a more theoretically-advanced question, try the Clarifying Concepts archive here.
  • Scroll down to the category listings to find posts discussing particular topics.
  • You may find the Jargon File useful for interpreting unfamiliar terms
  • Non-FAQ posts tend to be more op-ed in style, although sometimes they are simply a call for links on a particular subject/issue. You may navigate these posts using the various category links in the sidebar.

The FAQs are a work in progress. If your particular question is not yet answered, please drop it into the comments at the Open Suggestion Thread.


If you want a more personalised answer from tigtog and readers of this blog try the Ask A Question thread.

Just be aware that the Ask A Question thread is meant for people seeking answers that aren’t already in the FAQs, and asking a question easily found in the FAQs tends to make it look like you want someone else to do your homework. Not a good look for you.

Of course, your question may quite possibly point out a problem with the ease of finding the information you seek here, in which case it’s still not a good look, but it’s not a good look for FF101, which means I really want to know about it. So you won’t get jumped on even if you may be eyed skeptically. Try not to take raised eyebrows personally.

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