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Blog Carnivals are regular collections of links to blog posts discussing a particular theme, usually limited to recent articles within the intervals between sessions of the Carnival. I’ve got links to the homepages of various feminist and feminist friendly carnivals in the Links section, but here’s a reminder of who’s hosting current sessions of the Carnivals. If searching for any blog carnival on any area of interest (chainsaw jugglers probably have one by now), you can always find details of hosts, submission deadlines and submission addresses at the Blog Carnival site.

24th Carnival Against Sexual Violence (fortnightly): Abyss2Hope (1st anniversary edition!)
38th Carnival of Feminists (monthly): Team Rainbow (39th: Laurelin in the Rain due June 6th up now)
2nd Carnival of Radical Feminists (monthly): Feminist Law Professors
7th Scientiae: women in science, engineering, technology and math (fortnightly): FemaleCSGradStudent
14th Feminist SF Carnival (monthly): Heroine Content (15th will be at Feminist SciFi – The Blog!)
Carnival of Bent Attractions (monthly-ish): TransAdvocate

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