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ADDENDUM 2010/05/28: I’ve decided to see what Twitter will make of a weekly #feminismfriday hashtag. Look in the Feminism Friday archive for the latest post to leave your links if you are not on Twitter.

From a post here a few monthsyears ago:

I’ve been admiring Thinking Girl’s Feminism Friday archive so much that I’m nicking the idea, and I would encourage other bloggers to do the same. Not necessarily every Friday, but every now and then, when you have an opinionated big-picture feminist essay bursting to get out, let that post loose on a Friday and give it the “Feminism Friday” category tag to make it easy to find on search engines. We can have a multitude of virtual feminist salons!

I’m still keen on spreading this idea. A few other bloggers have picked up on Feminism Friday either regularly or irregularly (and not always on Fridays either, which is not a problem). Every now and then I do a roundup of Feminism Friday posts (peruse the FF101 Feminism Friday archive here). I sometimes include posts which haven’t been tagged as such but which I think have the spirit of Feminism Friday as I see it. Others will have different views of what is and isn’t a Feminism Friday post, and the more diverse opinions the better!

Here are links to search results by tag for “Feminism-Friday”:

Consider going into your achives and adding the Feminism Friday tag to any posts which fit the bill. And whenever you see a Feminism Friday post here, please feel free to tout your own recent posts in the comments.

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