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I’ve updated the Resources page, moving the various Links to their own subpage and adding a separate subpage for Books. There’s also a new subpage under The FAQs page called Not the FAQs: Feminism Friday, trying to spread the word. Advertisements

Feminism Friday: Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny

Late, I know, and not much from me: I’m just pointing you at these three posts below from Melissa McEwan at Shakesville. Trauma-Trigger Alert: Melissa describes her own rape in harrowing detail in order to point out how rape is not funny, and although the discussion threads start out thoughtful and interesting, they end up […]

Feminism Friday: using FF101 FAQs for more than blocking derailments

I’ve just done a bit of retouching to the “Why Was I Sent To This Blog?” post, aka FAQ:I Asked Some Feminists A Question And They Sent Me Here: Why? The main reason I reworked it is because I have both great gratification and some disappointment from how I see FF101 being used to deal […]

Feminism Friday: Roundup

Unapologetic Female: Feminisms. Plural. Thinking Girl: The Weaker Sex RebelGrrl has had a few Feminism Friday posts she didn’t let us know about the last few weeks: Fairy Tale Endings Vilifying Yoko Ono Bluemilk hasn’t tagged this as Friday Feminism, but I’m going to add it to the roundup anyway: Yummy Mummy, Are You Happy? […]

Feminism Friday: Safety vs. Patriarchal Overprotection

Reader Justin wrote and asked me for advice on an ethical balance problem, and with his permission I quote his email: I have a question which has been bothering me for some time, and which may/may not be worth addressing on the site. In any case, its something I don’t feel precisely comfortable asking my […]

Feminism Friday

I haven’t managed to come up with a particular Feminism Friday post myself this week. Luckily I came across a couple to recommend: A specific Feminism Friday post from Erimentha on melding Western feminist theory with Indian feminist action: Here and Now A serendipitous find – a thoughtful post and thread from an Anabaptist blog […]

Feminism Friday: a roundup

A few other bloggers are picking up on this Feminism Friday idea (originally Thinking Girl’s idea), which I’m glad to see. Last week Ilyka (Pandagon) had a cracker on Saying No to Passivity, while there was some good discussion here on Young Feminists and how they find feminist fellowship. This week Amanda (Pandagon) and I […]

Women online: coping with abuse, threats and cyberstalking

There’s been a lot of discussion of the threats made against Kathy Sierra online over the last week. Many other women online know how it feels to be objectified and have your arguments trivialised or mocked because of your gender, and a substantial number also know about graphic threats of sexualised violence and brutal death. […]

Feminism Friday: Young Feminists

What with the continually alleged “death of feminism” in this “post-feminist” age, how are young women finding their way into feminism going about it? Particularly those who are not going to tertiary education facilities that offer a Women’s Studies Course? How did those of us who are not so young find our way into feminism? […]

Friday Open Thread and Feminism Friday Op-Ed

Updated 28March07 I’ve been admiring Thinking Girl’s Feminism Friday archive so much that I’m nicking the idea, and I would encourage other bloggers to do the same. Not necessarily every Friday, but every now and then, when you have an opinionated big-picture essay bursting to get out, let that post loose on a Friday and […]