Friday Feminism: Blogging while Feminist – a 3-comment rule?

I was reading something over at Pharyngula today where PZ Myers was alerting his commentors to brace for an influx of creationist debaters following a particular story getting picked up by both Digg and Reddit, and he reminded them of his 3-comment rule for dealing with newbie debating opponents. Don’t attack without mercy until they’ve […]

Feminism Friday: using FF101 FAQs for more than blocking derailments

I’ve just done a bit of retouching to the “Why Was I Sent To This Blog?” post, aka FAQ:I Asked Some Feminists A Question And They Sent Me Here: Why? The main reason I reworked it is because I have both great gratification and some disappointment from how I see FF101 being used to deal […]

FAQ: Why are you concentrating on X when Y is so much more important?

Short answer: People talk about subjects that interest them and that they are passionate about because these tend to be the areas in which they have the most experience. Choosing to concentrate on one thing does not mean that the person thinks that it is the most important subject, or that it’s the only subject […]