#FF101 Call for Links: On Silencing Campaigns Against Feminists Online

#FF101 Call for Links: On Silencing Campaigns Against Feminists Online

Anything you have bookmarked over the last few years regarding this issue would be useful.

Cyberbullies 101: Part 2 – The Art & Science of Moderation – Free Speech vs Free Audience

Cyberbullies 101: Part 2 – The Art & Science of Moderation – Free Speech vs Free Audience

I had a long post in the works about comment moderation, but RealLife™ intervened and I hadn’t been able to complete it.

Luckily Bora Zivkovic at Blog Around The Clock has a long and detailed post full of relevant links which includes pretty much every point I wanted to make. I’m providing a summary of his headings with some meaty quotes below, but please make sure to click through and read his post in full in order to see all the points he makes and the many link citations he provides.

Cyberbullies 101: Part 1 – muffling their megaphones

Cyberbullies 101: Part 1 – muffling their megaphones

The Internet may provide the virtual megaphones for the cyberbullies, but it also provides anybody who wants them with megaphone-mufflers: there are virtual equivalents of answering machines, mail-sorters, personal assistants, roving security guards, butlers, valets, maids, bottlewashers and most importantly, garbage trucks.

An Open Letter to US College Students

I’ve been getting quite a few emails from students asking very similar questions, although the very similar questions are about rather different issues, over the last few months. I bet I’m not the only blogger getting them, either.

Obviously this is an approach that somebody is recommending to you, but can I tell you what it feels like to me? It feels like you are asking me to do your homework. That’s not what tertiary education is supposed to be training you to do.

Online interaction and free speech

What John Scalzi said, after noting that despite the opinion of some people, not everywhere in the world is covered by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: this person is just absolutely, completely, ice-pick-to the-eyeballs wrong in their understanding of the First Amendment, how it applies to my site, […]

Kill-filing repeatedly abusive commentors

Many bloggers get targeted by gits who like to pile up abusive comments on many posts, even when they know they’ve been put into permanent moderation, because they get a kick out of the idea of the blogger(s) reading the comments anyway. It’s hatespam. If you have email notification for posts in moderation, then you get the abuse sent to your email, a thought which they also love. It’s a particularly insidious form of cyberbullying, with the goal of intimidation and silencing of voices that bother them.


I’ve made a few minor revisions to the following pages: Please Read This First Why was I sent to this blog? The revisions add some material (mostly footnotes) to make it clear that that someone might be sent here by feminists to find basic theory information simply because that’s exactly what they’ve asked for (perhaps […]

In which the moderator apologises for dropping the ball

I have been distracted over the holiday break, and this has meant that over the last month or so I have allowed some commenters through whom I would normally have cut off at the pass. The tone of the blog has suffered badly as a result. Those commentors are aggressive and are discouraging other voices, […]

FAQ: What’s wrong with saying that things happen to men, too?

Short answer: Nothing in and of itself. The problem occurs when conversations about women can’t happen on unmoderated blogs without someone showing up and saying, “but [x] happens to men, too!” (also known as a “Patriarchy Hurts Men, Too” or PHMT argument, or a “What About The Mens?” or WATM argument). When this happens, it […]

The Keeping and Feeding of Trolls (or not)

Not everyone who disrupts a thread with questions that derail rather than further discussion means to be disruptive, but most feminist blogs soon learn that many disruptive posters are simply throwing anti-feminist monkey wrenches around: they have no genuine interest in substantive debate, they just want to bury the forum in sidetracks because the discusssions […]