Comments fixed

I thought that I had unchecked a settings box that I checked for a brief hiatus over the New Year period. I just realised that apparently that change never went through.

An Open Letter to US College Students

I’ve been getting quite a few emails from students asking very similar questions, although the very similar questions are about rather different issues, over the last few months. I bet I’m not the only blogger getting them, either.

Obviously this is an approach that somebody is recommending to you, but can I tell you what it feels like to me? It feels like you are asking me to do your homework. That’s not what tertiary education is supposed to be training you to do.

Back on deck

Approximately a month’s worth of comments have just been released from the moderation queue now that I’m back from hols.


You may have suddenly noticed a flurry of comments have been published, and that some of them are weeks old. My apologies for the delay in publication, but I haven’t been well. Moderating FF101 was one of the things on my tasks list that had to be pushed below necessary daily stuff. I’ll try to […]

Updated FAQ on Patriarchy

This FAQ has been edited and modified to include material on the concept of “kyriarchy” and to clarify other issues which were not as well expressed as they could have been back in 2007.

If you have a quote from the Patriarchy FAQ somewhere on your hard drive that you like to use, it might be a good idea to check whether it’s still there before using it again.

Comments are closed on this post so that any relevant discussion can take place on the FAQ post itself.

Press Release from Equality Now

Remember the RapeLay video game, written about by Melissa and Cara back in February? Equality Now has been working to persuade Japan to uphold its obligations under UN conventions with respect to material that normalises and/or promotes violence against women and girls.