Meet the new blogger

The wonderful Andrea Rubenstein, aka tekanji, has offered to post material here on occasion, particularly when she finds herself doing yet another feminist links post. From her own bio: I’m a writer, feminist, gamer, geek, and all-around opinionated person. In addition to this site, I own and run Shrub.com (parent site to all Shrub-related material), […]

Totally off-topic

My other blog is currently down because of exceeded bandwidth, allegedly. The same bandwidth I topped up by an extra 5GB yesterday! Not happy. Not happy at all. My webhost there has been really good to me for years and this is uncharacteristic. So I’m not going to yell at the nice woman I usually […]

Bear with me

I’m gradually working my way through various FAQs and updating links to point to the posts here rather than the posts at the old blog, and adding links to the original Haloscan comments threads as well, seeing as I can’t import them here. If you click on a link and unexpectedly end up over at […]

Comments working again?

Updated 28March07 I think. So, please add your favourite feminist links that are on-topic for particular FAQ posts in the comments threads. I can’t read everything, so the more suggestions for further reading from different parts of the feminist spectrum the better. UPDATE: sorry for light posting the last few days. First I got some […]

Comments being eaten

I’ve received a few emails today from people whose comments are being eaten. Anyone who felt like trying to make a test comment on this post, and sending me a quick email at tigtog at gmail.com if it doesn’t get through, I would be very greatful GRATEFUL (should not post at three ack emma, should […]

Wow, what a week!

There I was last week thinking that I’d noodle along with this FAQ thing with a post every now and then and eventually it might get some attention. I was obviously not accounting for the “Feministe effect” after zuzu, bless her cotton socks, linked here with not just one but two separate posts recommending FF101. […]

For those on feed-readers

I just realised that when I update posts with links etc, that refreshes them in most feed-readers so that they show as “new”. As the settings for the feed are currently to supply the full articles, is that a pain? Should I change the feed-settings to only supply an excerpt, to enhance the ease of […]

OK, this blog has been moribund long enough

I’m actually going to try and get this thing going again. Rather than try and generate material specifically for this blog, I’m going to make it more of a link farm (with occasional calls to activism). Every now and then I might do a roundup of material that answers FAQs. This week was International Women’s […]