Apologies to subscribers

I’m adding new categories and relabelling older posts appropriately, and I’m also retagging some other posts to improve the search function on the blog. This means that some of you, depending on which service you use to manage your subscriptions, will see a lot of these newly edited posts appear as if they are new […]

PSA: Swamped by spam? Let Auntie tame it for you

Everybody dealing with dozens, and especially if they’re dealing with hundreds of spam comments in Akismet, should immediately download Firefox and make it their browser if they’re not using it already, so that they can install this nifty browser extension from Internet Duct Tape: Greasemonkey Script: Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress The true beauty of […]


I’ve made a few minor revisions to the following pages: Please Read This First Why was I sent to this blog? The revisions add some material (mostly footnotes) to make it clear that that someone might be sent here by feminists to find basic theory information simply because that’s exactly what they’ve asked for (perhaps […]

In which the moderator apologises for dropping the ball

I have been distracted over the holiday break, and this has meant that over the last month or so I have allowed some commenters through whom I would normally have cut off at the pass. The tone of the blog has suffered badly as a result. Those commentors are aggressive and are discouraging other voices, […]

FAQ Updates

As you might notice in the “Recent Comments” section of the sidebar to the right, there’s an awful lot of comments coming from someone called “FAQ”.  That’s actually tekanji going to town on FAQ updates, adding more quotes and links and summaries, which are generating trackbacks to the other FAQs that they link to etc […]

Updates and mea culpa

I’ve just taken a look over the various information pages (links above the banner and in the sidebar) and done a bit of reformatting and tightening up of the wording, aiming to make navigating easier for new readers. The comments policy, in particular, has been updated and extended. Finally, I just want to apologise to […]


WordPress.com has put out a three column theme that’s crisp, designates different post authors,  and has a customisable header, so it’s our latest choice.  If the colours of headings and links were only customisable as well it would be perfect.  I hope it makes everyone’s reading easier.

Invisible comments

The spaminator seems to be going a bit mad lately, and I’m having to delete so many spams that my eyes are going crosseyed. What this means is that I might inadvertently miss a genuine comment in amongst the spam, and thus permanently delete it rather than rescuing it. If a comment of yours has […]

New commentors

As the blog is attracting some new commentors at the moment, it is timely to remind everyone that there is a Comments Policy and that all commentors are expected to abide by it.

Some small changes

I’m changing to a three column template to make it easier to navigate the blog. It means the logo has to go, but I wasn’t that fussed with it anyway moved to the sidebar because I actually was more attached to it than I thought. It might take me a little while to get the […]