Belated Weekend Roundup Roundup

Apologies, I’ve been trying to sleep away a headcold. Here’s some other people’s roundups of recommended reading this week. Feministing’s Weekly Feminist Reader Carnival of Radical Feminists – this is a bit later than planned, because Heart put so much work into setting the stage for what radfem is and isn’t and what radfems have […]

Great resource

Second Wave and Beyond – I just discovered this while following some other links. The “Second Wave” and Beyondscholarly community, launched in 2006, is an innovative form of electronic communication and research that brings together feminist thinkers, scholars and activists, to analyze compelling questions about feminist activism and theories, define new directions for historical research […]

Open Thread: Top 5 Introductory Texts

Open Thread: Top 5 Introductory Texts

Reader A suggested: I was also interested in book suggestions, but I think that the LibraryThing might be a little too involved (the interface looked a little confusing to me). I think what would be nice would be either a simple, concise list of the five to ten most influential books or essays, or a […]

Weekly Online Reader

I’m going to aim to do this every week, anyway. A roundup of other people’s roundups. Pen-Elayne has a great roundup. Carnival of the Feminists #36 has been put together by Belledame, and it’s a monster: [ Part One ] [ Part Two ] [ Part Three ] Please do add other roundups or notable […]

Friday Open Thread: Favourite Feminist Music

Please add your favourite performers/songs/musicals/operas in comments. Especially keen for an international sampling outside the Western mainstream hit parade. If you’ve written a review on any of them, please add the link.