Centenary week: Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir was born on the 9th of January, 1908. Toril Moi writes in The Guardian that all of us should read her masterpiece, The Second Sex (of which Random House has recently announced a new English translation to be published in the next few years, finally acknowledging long-standing criticisms of the only English […]

Carnival roundup

A reminder for those looking for excellence in feminist blogging, the various feminist and women-centric blog carnivals regularly present the cream of the crop. All the carnivals below feature strong analysis of gender roles and other feminist issues, and the special interest carnivals highlight how feminism informs areas such as science careers and science fiction. […]

Reading roundup

The 45th Carnival of Feminists went up last week at Feminist Philosophers. Lots of good reading there, and below are links to some more great feminist reading that I’ve found in my feedreader this last week. I can’t read all the blogs out there, so obviously I miss great stuff. If you’ve read something insightful, […]

Reading roundup

Anita Roddick in memoriam R.I.P., Anita Roddick from by kateharding R.I.P. from The F-Word Blog by zohra moosa Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, has died from Feministing by Jessica Gender Expectations This ev-psych bullshit must stop from Reclusive Leftist by The Ghost of Violet Top 5 Myths About Girls, Math and Science […]

Friday Roundup

Belated, sorry. A weekly (intended as weekly, anyway) collection of posts that have caught my attention recently. Hard to believe, but apparently even feminists can be sexy… from AUDREY AND THE BAD APPLES by audrey- *crossposted at Larvatus Prodeo…* (longer comment thread) Manly men from Firedoglake by David Neiwert On Myths and Monsters from Having […]

Feminist Link Round Up

I’ve been doing so much writing on our Australian domestic politics lately (we’re coming up to an election) that it’s crowded FAQ writing out of the schedule. My apologies. I hereby resolve to at least keep up to date on Round-up posts for you twice a week. Please treat this thread as a shameless spruiking […]

Second Wave Classics: recommended reading

Enjoy. Sexual Politics, Kate Millet (1968) The Politics of Housework, Pat Mainardi (1970 ) Feminism Old Wave and New Wave, Ellen Dubois (1971) Why I Want A Wife, Judy Syfers (1971) The BITCH Manifesto, Jo Freeman (1972) and many more from the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union Herstory Archive. Also: The Dialectic of Sex, Chapter One, […]

Recommended Reading: Masculinity stereotypes, politicians and partner choice

From Terrance at The Republic of T, crossposted at Pam’s House Blend (there’s more discussion at The Blend). Terrance revisits an old post of his about the reign of the Alpha Males in light of recent politics and recent books on masculinity, and analyses the demonisation of the Beta Males in recent political campaigns and […]

New material

I’ve updated the Resources page, moving the various Links to their own subpage and adding a separate subpage for Books. There’s also a new subpage under The FAQs page called Not the FAQs: Feminism Friday, trying to spread the word.

Films for Feminists – Open Thread

What films would you recommend to women coming to feminism as an introduction to feminist concerns about the roles of women? Films where women in traditional gender roles are oppressed, as consciousness raising? Films where women seek personhood in their own individualistic way, full steam ahead, despite society’s disapproval? Films where women walk a line […]