Feminists Have Free Speech Too: Action Alert I

I’ve labelled this post as (I) because my spidey-sense tells me that this will become a series. Here you go: [link]. Tell this cartoonist what you think of jokes about his comic’s protagonist drooling about raping disabled homeless women because “it’s hard to keep your legs closed if you don’t have any”. Hey, having no […]

Belated hiatus notice

Hi all – I was away on hols last week, and there were quite a few comments caught up in moderation. Sorry about that! I’ve released most of them now (apart from the attempts at rape jokes on the Rape Isn’t Funny thread). A couple of others haven’t been published because they were awfully long. […]

Kill-filing repeatedly abusive commentors

Many bloggers get targeted by gits who like to pile up abusive comments on many posts, even when they know they’ve been put into permanent moderation, because they get a kick out of the idea of the blogger(s) reading the comments anyway. It’s hatespam. If you have email notification for posts in moderation, then you get the abuse sent to your email, a thought which they also love. It’s a particularly insidious form of cyberbullying, with the goal of intimidation and silencing of voices that bother them.

USA readers: the sixth Ask a Working Woman survey

I received an email about this over a week ago and neglected to post it earlier: my apologies. The survey is co-sponsored by America’s leading labor-rights organization, the AFL-CIO (www.afl-cio.org), and its community partner, Working America (www.workingamerica.org). What Is the Ask A Working Woman Survey? The survey is an opportunity for working women in America […]

Feminism Friday – “Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About”

originally posted on Shakesville by Melissa McEwan | Monday, February 25, 2008 as Feminism 101: “Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About” [This is a new series in which I’ll be addressing misconceptions or answering questions about feminism and/or feminists. There are certainly old posts that would naturally fall into a Feminism 101 series, […]

A note on the Shakesville crossposts

The various posts of Melissa’s that are being cross-posted as Feminism Friday posts all originally had extensive comments threads associated with them on Shakesville. Since the introduction of Shakesville‘s new commenting system (replacing Haloscan with Disqus) the links to the original Haloscan comments threads no longer appear on the Shakesville posts, although the Haloscan threads […]

Feminism Friday: On “Bitch” and Other Misogynist Language

cross-posted by Melissa McEwan , originally posted at Shakesville on November 20, 2007 [Important Note to Feminist Noobs: This is a long post. It contains lots of different, though related, Feminist 101 kind of ideas about misogynist language. Please carefully read the whole post before commenting. If you don’t understand one of the points that […]

Friday Feminism: Fierce

[This is a crosspost from Shakesville where it was originally posted in October of 2007.] I was standing in front of a full-length mirror with my leg stretched out, modeling at its end for my own consumption the left half of a pair of kelly green steel-toed Doc Martens knee-highs I had just bought, in […]

Feminism Friday – Feminism 101: “Sexism is a Matter of Opinion”

So: Toss out the idea that there must be unanimous consent, or even majority agreement, that something is sexist for it to be determined as such. In fact, toss out the idea that sexism is determined by subjective opinion altogether.

Disability is a feminist issue

The 2008 roundup is at Diary of a Goldfish