43rd Carnival of Feminists

Over at Femtique. You can find the homepages here at FF101 for other feminist-themed blog carnivals (where they will list the latest editions) if you click on the Resources tab below the banner and look through the Links page. Advertisements

Double standards

Jessica of Feministing is asking for input regarding sexist double standards – e.g. sexually active men are studs, sexually active women are whores etc etc. Sexist double standards are going to be the subject of her next book, and she wants to include as many “infuriating, funny, weird (or whatever)” examples as she can, with […]

Events for August/September

If you are organising or planning to attend a feminist or anti-oppression event during August/September, please tell everyone about it in the comments. Anything from book clubs, planning sessions, fundraisers, exhibitions and demonstrations, from any part of the world.

Meet the new blogger

The wonderful Andrea Rubenstein, aka tekanji, has offered to post material here on occasion, particularly when she finds herself doing yet another feminist links post. From her own bio: I’m a writer, feminist, gamer, geek, and all-around opinionated person. In addition to this site, I own and run (parent site to all Shrub-related material), […]

Women’s festival coming soon to NYC

This came in email yesterday, and it looks like New York gets to have all the fun again. NYC readers, or anyone who can get to NYC over the next 6 weeks, take note. I came across your blog this morning and the content seems to mesh well with the mission of Women Center Stage, […]

New material

I’ve updated the Resources page, moving the various Links to their own subpage and adding a separate subpage for Books. There’s also a new subpage under The FAQs page called Not the FAQs: Feminism Friday, trying to spread the word.

Changing blogging platforms

Post updated Shifting over from the original site at blogger [link]. The option of static pages here should hopefully mean that material is easier for everyone to find. I’ve shifted all the posts over. Now I just have to figure out how to import the comments from Haloscan. Update: comment porting doesn’t seem to work. […]

A New Feminist Festival

Way down on the sidebar are links to current blog-festivals that feature feminist issues. There’s a new one going on the list: Carnival of Radical Feminists – May 2, 2007 edition Host blog ¤ Women’s Space/The MarginsScheduled for ¤ May 2, 2007Submission deadline ¤ Apr 29, 2007 23:59:02 -1200Description ¤ Carnivals of Radical Feminists will […]

Some art for the holidays

Artkrush features Feminist Art The latest issue of Artkrush, which is available online now, explores contemporary feminist art from around the globe. Artkrush #55 features a survey of the Global Feminisms exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and an in-depth interview with Cornelia Butler, curator or WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution at the Los Angeles […]

To mailing list, or not to mailing list?

On a previous post, it was suggested that some people might find discussions on blogs more difficult to join in than discussions in a Vbulletin or a mailing list format. It made me realise that some folks these days might easily come to blogs as discussion forums without ever having been introduced to good old […]