Feminism Friday

Feminism Friday: Roundup

Unapologetic Female: Feminisms. Plural. Thinking Girl: The Weaker Sex RebelGrrl has had a few Feminism Friday posts she didn’t let us know about the last few weeks: Fairy Tale Endings Vilifying Yoko Ono Bluemilk hasn’t tagged this as Friday Feminism, but I’m going to add it to the roundup anyway: Yummy Mummy, Are You Happy? […]

Feminism Friday: Safety vs. Patriarchal Overprotection

Reader Justin wrote and asked me for advice on an ethical balance problem, and with his permission I quote his email: I have a question which has been bothering me for some time, and which may/may not be worth addressing on the site. In any case, its something I don’t feel precisely comfortable asking my […]

Feminism Friday

I haven’t managed to come up with a particular Feminism Friday post myself this week. Luckily I came across a couple to recommend: A specific Feminism Friday post from Erimentha on melding Western feminist theory with Indian feminist action: Here and Now A serendipitous find – a thoughtful post and thread from an Anabaptist blog […]

Feminism Friday: a roundup

A few other bloggers are picking up on this Feminism Friday idea (originally Thinking Girl’s idea), which I’m glad to see. Last week Ilyka (Pandagon) had a cracker on Saying No to Passivity, while there was some good discussion here on Young Feminists and how they find feminist fellowship. This week Amanda (Pandagon) and I […]

Feminism Friday: Young Feminists

What with the continually alleged “death of feminism” in this “post-feminist” age, how are young women finding their way into feminism going about it? Particularly those who are not going to tertiary education facilities that offer a Women’s Studies Course? How did those of us who are not so young find our way into feminism? […]

Friday Open Thread and Feminism Friday Op-Ed

Updated 28March07 I’ve been admiring Thinking Girl’s Feminism Friday archive so much that I’m nicking the idea, and I would encourage other bloggers to do the same. Not necessarily every Friday, but every now and then, when you have an opinionated big-picture essay bursting to get out, let that post loose on a Friday and […]