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Derailing for Dummies

This page is a mirror (updated 2010/09/05) of the front page of http://www.derailingfordummies.com (The author of D4D is anonymous but contactable via the site). D4D has given blanket permission for other sites to reproduce this content (with appropriate attribution) to ensure its dissemination more widely around the web. To clarify, since it appears necessary, this […]

Feminism Friday: that “why are Western feminists such cowards about atrocities in other countries?” lie

Shorter Pamela Bone: feminists are such cowardly hypocrites for being against FGM and rape in war whenever any culture does it instead of just specially castigating Islamic societies where such brutalities occur. I posted over at Hoyden About Town a few days ago with more background to Bone’s article about how she bravely spoiled a […]

Feminism Friday: SotBO (Statements of the bleedin’ obvious)

Rational people often assume that some opinions and judgements are so obviously part of their worldview that they really don’t need to be said. Unfortunately, some maliciously disruptive people take delight in assuming that if something has not been clearly stated then they are safe in assuming the worst of others, even when such assumptions […]