#FF101 Call for Links: On Silencing Campaigns Against Feminists Online

From the Suggestions page:

Well, I don’t know how to bring this up…. or if I’ve just missed the article, but perhaps you could do something about the silencing effect that can often happen on Feminist internet efforts?

I often end up sharing this link as an example, but it would be nice to have more than one high-quality link:


Many thanks for the suggestion. Since s.e.smith wrote that post on Tiger Beatdown in 2011, nothing has improved regarding the torrents of abuse directed at outspoken women online (and it’s not only feminists and other social justice advocates, either – being outspoken about knitting or cupcakes can also garner a woman an obsessive cyberstalking hate cadre who pound their keyboards with a persistence and intensity that similarly outspoken men rarely seem to attract).

I’ve written a fair amount on silencing tactics over at my primary blog Hoyden About Town, and ways to technologically throttle the streams of abuse was the focus of my posts here on Cyberbullies 101: Part 1 – muffling their megaphones and Cyberbullies 101: Part 2 – The Art & Science of Moderation – Free Speech vs Free Audience – these posts have various links to examples of silencing campaigns, but I haven’t collected them together just as a list of case studies (yet).

So, dear readers – moar links plz! Anything you have bookmarked over the last few years regarding this issue would be useful. Please format your links to include author/blog/title information, ideally with a sentence or few to summarise the post and/or a short quote. This is not only more helpful than a naked URL for readers to jog their memory about which posts they have or haven’t read, but it’s also much better SEO to make this page more visible for those searching for links in the future.

e.g. for the linked post in the original suggestion

  • s.e. smith’s post on Tiger Beatdown: On Blogging, Threats, and Silence – detailing the constant graphic abuse and threats directed at feminist bloggers and how “this is a reality, and it doesn’t go away if we don’t talk about it.”.

    It’s grinding and relentless and we’re told collectively, as a community, to stay silent about it, but I’m not sure that’s the right answer, to remain silent in the face of silencing campaigns designed and calculated to drive us from not just the Internet, but public spaces in general. To compress us into small boxes somewhere and leave us there, to underscore that our kind are not wanted here, there, or anywhere.

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  1. I’m flattered that you made a post off of my suggestion…

    I found this some time ago, and noting that you often add supplementary articles to the end of your FAQs, it might be relevant to those who ask “are women really abused more than men?”

    “Findings indicate that, on average, the female voice received three times as many negative comments as the male voice or no voice. In addition, the female voice received more queries and more messages from other gamers than the male voice or no voice.
    On several occasions the female condition was exposed to derogatory gendered language. For example, in one particular game nearly every utterance made by the female condition was met with a negative response by a particular gamer. When the female condition said ‘hi everybody’, the other gamer responded with ‘shut up you whore’ followed a few seconds later with ‘she is a nigger lover’. When the female condition said, ‘alright team let’s do this’, the other gamer replied, ‘fuck you, you stupid slut.’”

    I wish I could say that article surprised me, but no, it’s pretty much absolutely correct.

  2. This was about a specific situation that happened last year, but it may be relevant: http://freethoughtblogs.com/brutereason/2012/09/05/the-circular-logic-of-internet-misogynists/

  3. Thanks for the links, and sorry for the delay in posting them! For some reason wordpress.com wasn’t sending me notifications of comments pending moderation for some reason.

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