Call for Feminism 101 Links V

These posts ask readers to drop relevant links that they tend to share widely because they do a great job explaining/clarifying basic feminist concepts or debunking anti-feminist myths/factoids  (please check that it hasn’t already been linked in an FAQ by searching on the post title).  Obviously this is mainly looking for recent posts/articles (within the last 6 months or so), but older material should also be linked if it’s stuff that you just keep on referencing in recent discussions.

If a relevant link happens to be one of your own writings, then please shamelessly self-promote it! And if a post of yours, or a friend’s post, gets linked by somebody else, by all means squee delightedly here in response.

In general, if somebody else posts a link that you were going to post, please respond with a note to that effect in comments.  Treat it as an upvote, and why not go right ahead and leave other topical links in your response?

In particular, if you know of a post that would fit into the Further Reading section on any of the FAQs, please please please drop a link with that recommendation – a lot of those posts referenced in the FAQs date back half a decade or more, and I’d like to expand the related links sections with more recent references as well.  Also if you think that a post already linked in one FAQ is also relevant to another FAQ, please say so.

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  1. On subtractive masculinity:

    I believe this concept goes a long way to explaining the “fake geek girl” phenomenon. (If girls are really geeks, then geeks are really girls, and there is no identity left for the poor beleaguered geek boy. Therefore, girls can’t really be geeks. QED.)

    • Interesting. Note also the phenomenon of professions previously highly paid/regarded which become less well paid/regarded when more women enter the field – the stand-out example being veterinary science over the last few decades (in the Anglosphere at least). Even education itself – since girls started to match and sometimes surpass the grades being achieved by boys, boys have increasingly turned against education as being too girly for them to expend effort towards.

      • Right. Girls have been outperforming boys at school for some time now. The popular media likes to ascribe this to us being too focussed on improving the curriculum for girls and neglecting boys, but a big part of the problem is the decreasing value society is putting on the education of boys. “He’s a good footballer, doesn’t matter that he’s not great at English.” There is still a perception that physical endeavours favour males, and that as a result boys’ education is not that important. It’s this societal value IMO that drives the particular gender schema you’ve mentioned.

        Men and women who are educated and in particular pursue university level degrees, I find, have a lot more in common with each other. Men and women who pursue the same career paths obviously have similar interests too. So, the phenomenon that occurs here that devalues careers for men and devalues education for men is reinforcing the gender binary by acting to segregate men and women in the community.

        I tend to think of gender in society as two parallel cultures. The only way to break down sexism effectively in the long term is to break down gender and allow people to be who they want to be without those constraints of gender roles. To do that though, first and foremost, requires men and women to work and socialise together because that’s the only way you get cultural fusion.

  2. My feminism blog posts: http://www.insufferableintolerance.com/category/feminism/

    My blog (Topics include: Atheism, Feminism, Childfree, GLBTI issues): http://www.insufferableintolerance.com

  3. My blog http://feministactivism.com/ in general and specifically my post on socially constructed gender roles. http://feministactivism.com/2011/04/18/socially-constructed-gender-roles-the-root-of-all-evil/ There are also other sweet feminist blogs in my blogroll. =)

    Also, http://www.loveisrespect.org The National Dating Abuse Helpline has great information on abuse: http://www.loveisrespect.org/is-this-abuse/is-this-abuse and on healthy relationships: http://www.loveisrespect.org/setting-boundaries

  4. Why you should call female adults “women”: http://www.lilliechilen.com/woman.html

  5. I feel like it’s certainly not my most eloquent writing ever but this is about my feelings post-abortion.

  6. Your reader might find some of my feminist posts relevant.

    @ noentitlement.blogspot.co.uk

    Kinest regards,


  7. [link removed for lack of Feminism-101 content – this is not a place for links to entire blogs unless they specifically focus on feminist activism/theory]

  8. This is a response I wrote to Carla Bruni Sarkozy’s claim that feminism is dead: http://www.alexlaughlin.com/quelquun-ma-dit-youre-crazy/

    Men and feminism: http://www.alexlaughlin.com/why-i-will-date-a-feminist/

  9. Just found this on Linkedin: it’s for American artists only it seems but still a good avenue for further information: http://www.unitewomen.org – see Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective.

  10. In my opinion, the feminism 101 that Melissa McEwan put together on Shakesville offers some basic but still deep insight into many feminist issues. To be found here: http://www.shakesville.com/2010/01/feminism-101.html

    • Absolutely agreed! We’ve reposted quite a few of those here, since Melissa is one of our contributors (username ‘shakesville’ on this blog), but we haven’t caught up with them all.

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