Call for Feminism 101 Links IV

These posts ask readers to drop relevant links that they tend to share widely because they do a great job explaining/clarifying basic feminist concepts or debunking anti-feminist myths/factoids  (please check that it hasn’t already been linked in an FAQ by searching on the post title).  Obviously this is mainly looking for recent posts/articles (within the last 6 months or so), but older material should also be linked if it’s stuff that you just keep on referencing in recent discussions.

If a relevant link happens to be one of your own writings, then please shamelessly self-promote it! And if a post of yours, or a friend’s post, gets linked by somebody else, feel free to squee delightedly here in response.

In general, if somebody else posts a link that you were going to post, please respond with a note to that effect in comments.  Treat it as an upvote, and please go right ahead and leave other topical links in your response.

In particular, if you know of a post that would fit into the Further Reading section on any of the FAQs, please please please drop a link with that recommendation – a lot of those posts referenced in the FAQs date back half a decade or more, and I’d like to expand the related links sections with more recent references as well.  Also if you think that a post already linked in one FAQ is also relevant to another FAQ, please say so.

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10 comments on “Call for Feminism 101 Links IV

  1. Some concept clarification:
    The Role of Feminist Criticism by Miriam at FreethoughtBlogs

    And a wonderful example of feminist criticism from Genevieve Valentine: Feminism, Brownies, and You

  2. [off-topic content deleted]
    [Moderator snark: well now, who’s an *adorable* little twerp who doesn’t understand the concept of a “link” then? Since you appear to have a particular mythical bugbear between your ears, I’ll leave the readers with a link that debunks it, and which would never have appeared on this thread without your attempt to derail it. Thanks, polnick!

    Links debunking the pseudoscience of alpha status and social dominance]

  3. Hi there, self promotion!
    I’ve been writing a blog for the past year mainly around teaching my nieces about feminism and topical feminist issues – just in case anyone wants a read http://talatyaq.wordpress.com/ (usually every second friday)

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