Call for Feminism 101 Links III

These posts ask readers to drop relevant links that they tend to share widely because they do a great job explaining/clarifying basic feminist concepts or debunking anti-feminist myths/factoids  (please check that it hasn’t already been linked in an FAQ by searching on the post title).  Obviously this is mainly looking for recent posts/articles, but older material should also be linked if it’s stuff that you just keep on referencing in recent discussions.

If a relevant link happens to be one of your own writings, then by all means shamelessly self-promote it! And if a post of yours, or a friend’s post, gets linked by somebody else, by all means squee delightedly here in response.

In general, if somebody else posts a link that you were going to post, please respond with a note to that effect in comments.  Treat it as an upvote, and by all means leave your other links in your response.

In particular, if you know of a post that would fit into the Further Reading section on any of the FAQs, please please please drop a link with that recommendation – a lot of those posts referenced in the FAQs date back half a decade or more, and I’d like to expand the related links sections with more recent references as well.  Also if you think that a post already linked in one FAQ is also relevant to another FAQ, please say so.

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10 comments on “Call for Feminism 101 Links III

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time responding to people who post rape myths as “safety advice”, and realized that telling them how and why they’re wrong often isn’t as productive as giving them tangible solutions to replace the stuff they keep regurgitating. So, in that spirit, here are my tips on helping reduce instances of sexual violence that doesn’t rely on victim-blaming or Hollywood-esque acts of Rambo:


  2. Over on https://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/the-faqs/suggestions/, there has been a request for an FAQ about the ‘tone argument”. That strikes me as more a Derailing-for-Dummies topic than a Feminism-101 topic per se, but if anybody has a favourite link to share, I’d like to see it.

  3. Not sure if it fits in feminism101 but the words “Fag !” and “Gay !” used by men against other men has a whole lot of implications regarding gender construction, masculinity and heteronormativity.

    C.J. Pascoe wrote a book called “Dude, you are a fag !” and he wrote an essay (which summarizes the book, from what I’ve heard) here : http://renazito.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/dude-youre-a-fag.pdf

    It is very good, with examples and notes on his findings !

  4. I love the Damsel in De Tech link! Here is a satire of “rape prevention tips”. Not sure if they will be what you are looking for: http://yourdaughterswillbenext.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/10-rape-prevention-tips-for-the-modern-day-woman/

  5. Your readers might enjoy my thought provoking blog.

  6. This isn’t a link, more of an idea. Many criticisms I see on the internet regard “It happens to men, too”, “Female privilege/misandry”, “Women don’t have it worse than men”.

    These critics usually don’t require a feminist explanation… But a statistical one ! The people making them have no idea why stats are any proof or what they mean.
    Feminism 101 would benefit from a very short intro to stats and studies. It would help uninitiated get the tools to adequately understand the theory (and make up their own mind).

    As a ref, I followed the link http://creativedestruction.wordpress.com/2006/05/29/in-defense-of-generalizations-and-petty-complaints/ from the article https://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/2007/04/12/faq-why-are-you-concentrating-on-x-when-y-is-so-much-more-important/

    Pt. 1 of the article is about Generalizations, and address this issue, but without putting the proper words of statistics on it. (S)he grasps the idea but doesn’t exploit it fully. I’ve never seen any article on the topic, but using a dice analogy got me some success in the past !

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