Call for Feminism 101 Links II

This is the second post in a new series whereby interested readers can drop links they tend to share widely because they do a great job explaining/clarifying basic feminist concepts or debunking anti-feminist myths/factoids.  If a relevant link happens to be one of your own writings, then by all means shamelessly self-promote it! And if a post of yours, or a friend’s post, gets linked by somebody else, by all means squee delightedly here in response.

In general, if somebody else posts a link that you were going to post, please respond with a note to that effect in comments.  Treat it as an upvote, and by all means leave your other links in your response.

In particular, if you know of a post that would fit into the Further Reading section on any of the FAQs, please please please drop a link with that recommendation – a lot of those posts referenced in the FAQs date back half a decade or more, and I’d like to expand the related links sections with more recent references as well.

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18 comments on “Call for Feminism 101 Links II

  1. Reblogged this on petrujviljoen and commented:
    As a wannabe feminist, a person that happens to be female that is doing a lot of relearning on how to reprogramme my thinking, this is the way I’m going to go.

  2. I’m really glad this blog is active again. It is the one [redacted] feminist blog I found on the ‘net so far.

  3. pviljoen.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/reworkedpoem-its-difficult-to-explain/

  4. Actually, a better link on rape culture than my own attempt to analyse it, and one which I refer to heavily in “Patriarchy Part 2” (mentioned above), is this “Alas, A Blog” entry from way back in 2004: http://www.amptoons.com/blog/2004/02/11/what-causes-rape-anatomy-of-a-rape-culture/

  5. This one is so obvious that I almost feel silly sharing it, but the piece that helped me “get” feminism for the first time was Shrodinger’s Rapist, by Phaedra Starling on Shapely Prose.

  6. I’ve just written a piece about Jimmy Savile, a former UK TV personality who has been accused of sexual predation while a TV star.

    The point I wanted to make that while these alleged acts were criminal and despicable, we all conspire to make girls and young women want to feel sexually attractive and to be ‘approved’ by celebrity figures.



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