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Heretical is the annual magazine of the Women’s Collective at UQ (University of Queensland). This year it might not appear unless there is some rapid assistance from the broad feminist community. They simply don’t have enough submissions, and time is running out, largely because the collective’s time has been spent coping with hostility and harassment on campus targeting women’s groups and also LGBTQ groups.

The Women’s Room was recently vandalised:

From UQ-Women's Collective (click for many more pictures of damage)

If you are a blogger who is happy for a post or two of yours to appear in the magazine, please leave a note in the comment below with a valid email address, and I can pass your contact details on to the member of the UQ collective who contacted me regarding this. This is very very very late notice I’m afraid. Please help if you can.

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12 comments on “Help out Heretical

  1. Happy to help out if I can – most of my feminist rants are a bit out of date, but might still be of interest….

  2. I’m happy to help with posts or doodles. My e-mail address is beyondfeminism at gmail dot com and there’s more information about what I can do (artsy wise) here (fifth paragraph).

  3. Cheers! I’m just re-posting this comment I made over at Hoyden:

    Excellent, thank you all. To save them some time at UQ, I just figured out that the most efficient method would be if you can pick out a couple of your favourite posts and email me the links, then I’ll pass them on.

  4. I am but a humble LiveJournal denizen, but I’d be happy to submit a post. lisathemad at gmail dot com

  5. I’ll be happy to help out with a post or three …

  6. I am happy to help. I also have an unpublished article that is still hanging around looking for a forum in which to publish it so give me a shout and you can have a look and see if you’d like it. take care. Cru

  7. I’d be happy to submit a submission or two from my blog (focused on videogames, but often observing it from an aspect of feminism/gender studies).

  8. I don’t really have enough blogged material to contribute, but I hope the project goes well and my heart goes out the UQ group – fortunately, my university is mostly very LGBT-friendly – I can’t imagine how awful this must be for the UQ collectives affected.

  9. Thanks so much to everybody who commented and sent me emails offering to help out Heretical. I passed on all the emails to my UQ collective contact, and no doubt those of you whose material has been used will be notified in due course.

    Thank you all again.

  10. I have a blog(but I have stopped updating it now) too. I would be happy to submit a post or two. The url is http://www.thecoolfeminist.blogspot.com. There are about 50 posts in it.

    my email id is freya at bust dot com.

  11. I just saw this, sorry I am a bit late. If they still need help I would be happy to offer some art, and could possibly offer some hands on help too.

  12. @ sajbrfem:

    no, it’s all over for the moment.

    Thanks to everyone here who offered articles, art etc. You’re all awesome.

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