Book Giveaway: The Great Feminist Denial

The Great Feminist DenialI can’t deny, the timing on this has been a little awkward. Hoyden About Town (my primary blog) had a monster thread nearly two weeks ago about an op-ed written by one of the co-authors of this book, Monica Dux, where the general sense was aggrieved at some phrasing she used on the way to making a broad argument.

However, it’s important to separate the book as a whole from a short op-ed piece. Lauredhel and I were both interviewed via email for the book by co-author Zora Simic, so it’s not as if we are wholly disinterested in the message of the book, we want to know what others think of it. Here’s where the giveaway comes in: Melbourne University Press kindly sent me a review copy plus two copies to give away to readers here and at Hoyden. I haven’t actually read it yet, because I want to distance myself from the reaction to the op-ed first. But other people should definitely be reading it and making up their own minds.

So, this giveaway is open to any reader who has left at least one comment here before: the book will wing its way to the first reader who provides me with either a limerick or a haiku about the concept of the book – that young women are distancing themselves from the feminist label and that we need to understand why. There is only one condition – to qualify for the giveaway the poem must avoid buying into the fracas over the Dux op-ed. (Yes, I know that this leaves it open for those who don’t want a copy of the book but who do want to make a point – they can submit a more withering disqualifying contribution just because they can – do it if you must, but abide by the comments policy as you do, please.)

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16 comments on “Book Giveaway: The Great Feminist Denial

  1. Wow. My first impulse was ‘WOW, BOOK FOR REE,’ but 1) I live in Paraguay, 2) Holly hell, the concept totally repels me. ‘Why do white, able, rich, privileged women dislike feminism? Does feminism fits with what men expect from women, and with things that people won’t ridicule?’

    So yeah, thank you.

  2. And yeah, now that I’m ready the replies to Lauredhel, hell yeah. As someone mentioned, It’s incredibly racist. You know, we just have to mold ourselves to the image mainstream heterosexist and racist society expects from us. NO UGLY WOMEN (everything that our society considers ugly: disabled people, people of color, fat people, etc.).

    I’m having a hard time believing this was written by a feminist. (I know feminism isn’t a monolith, but.. ) As Lauredhel said, this is just conservative and sexist bullshit.

  3. Anyone who thinks
    Young women aren’t feminist
    Needs to look harder

  4. Deborah, that’s an awesome haiku. As per your request on Hoyden, the free copy will go to Hell On Hairy Legs with your compliments.


  5. Great! Thanks for doing that, Tigtog.

  6. There was once was a label called ‘feminist’
    And women with self respect the coolest
    But then we were afraid
    We’d never get laid
    And thus the long decline of “feminist”.

  7. Nice one, Amanda.

    As summed up by Dale Spender:

    Again and again she [Elizabeth Cady Stanton] tried to make it clear that it should not be important to women to be acceptable to men and that if all women became ‘unacceptable’ and defined their own terms of their own existence, much of the battle would be won, because men would have no alternative but to ‘accept’ unacceptable women- or go without! She deplored the strategy of being ‘feminine’ to achieve women’s rights, because she thought that it was ultimately self-defeating.

  8. The Feminist Denial

    Feminism is
    a scenic train trip on a
    voyage of her life.

  9. Oh, too bad! I love free books and I love haiku. I’m sorry I missed the deadline.

    we ask why the young
    do not understand, forget
    that they’re still learning.

  10. The book cover is pretty. Not a poem. Just saying.

  11. tigtog, is the book available at all online, at least in part, so we can look inside? Or can someone give us more than the brief outline you gave on how they argue the case that young women are moving away from feminism?

  12. Since google is my friend I found many links where the book is discussed both in the press and on blogs, and then there’s the publisher’s page on the book (which was linked to by Lauredhel in the post at Hoyden About Town linked in the post above).

    Google wants you to know that it’s a bit miffed that you seem to be avoiding it…

  13. Thankyou for that. Google does work for me, however I am open to asking others who might have applied judgement to the breadth of what is available. At the risk of stating the obvious – if they are correct that young women are avoiding the feminist association i is because they do not think it will provide what they want. We all apear to want to have the ability to control outcomes that affect us and steer them towards a good quality of life, life itself. Why would young women think that feminism does not provide this? Because feminism has got the wrong principles or because it has the right principles but did not execute? So they avoid association with a system that does not improve their lot in life, perhaps they think that they can achieve more in other groups, or that feminism will threaten their control?

    Just some thoughts, I read a few reviews, and was looking for some deeper insight.

    Do the people on this site consider that feminism is not attractin the mainstream of women?

  14. Why do women shun the label feminist? And is there “good” feminism and “bad feminism”. I have posted about “female chauvinism” on my blog should it be of interest. http://faceoffeminism.wordpress.com/about/

    thanks, amana khan.

  15. Most young people are barely politically aware, and really dont give a stuff so long as they are getting what they want. like many people. They are not suffering, no discomfort, no dissent.
    = comfortably numb.

    I think as per earlier post,and a discussion with a Filipino friend…. womens rights are far more in need of support in countries other than western democracies.

  16. doesnt mean we shudnt be dealing with things here tho …. but hard to rally support i guess….I’d like to read it…honestly though people are just so wrapped up in their own lives dramas…. busy dealing with things as they are… as for young women… theyre generally more interested in going out, dressed paris hilton and getting bought drinks….
    As for young people in general, most of them are only interested in education as far as how much money they’ll make… at least in NZ

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