The things nobody tells you, eh?

Apparently, sometimes readers see ads on this blog, and I never knew. According to the encyclopaedic Lorelle on WordPress, wordpress.com have been inserting ads onto their free blogs for a while now, but those who are logged into wordpress.com don’t see them i.e. the actual bloggers whose blogs are being used to display these ads don’t see them but their readers (those who are not also logged into wordpress.com) do see them. Has anyone noticed any ads appearing here?

The ads module is apparently in the experimental stages, so the ads have been intermittent, but soon they will be a more constant feature. As they work using keywords, you can see why this is a potential problem for a feminist blog that discusses controversial issues – I don’t particularly want my readers to be bombarded with ads touting inappropriate goods and services.

One can opt out of having the ads module display on one’s blog, but it costs US$30 a year. I appreciate the free service provided by wordpress.com, and 0.08c a day isn’t very much, but I’ll have to think about this. It’s yet another example of the WP team implementing new features which many bloggers will hate without any announcement. I hate that.

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11 comments on “The things nobody tells you, eh?

  1. I haven’t, but I’m an avid adblockplus user. And this thing with ads being inserted that the blogger didn’t ask for thing, is a reason why I don’t feel guilty one bit.

    Interesting, though, I don’t see any ads being blocked right now. I think one thing users can do is to use firefox and use the Noscript extension. Allow individual wordpress blog domains one at a time. Allow finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com, but forbid http://www.wordpress.com, http://wordpress.com, and stats.wordpress.com.

    This way, only javascript you are writing into your template is active. The ads won’t run, I don’t think.

  2. I haven’t seen any ads here (other than Hollaback Australia, which I assume you added), and I’m not logged into WordPress. I am using FireFox3 on a Mac without an adblock plugin.

  3. I did add the Hollaback Australia badge, quite correct.

    I’m glad you haven’t seen any ads yet – according to Lorelle they are intermittent as yet anyway. I guess once the feature comes out of beta-testing they’ll appear more frequently/permanently.

    The main thing that concerns me is that many readers will assume that the bloggers are getting a cashback of some sorts from this advertising, when they won’t be – it’s only WordPress that will get any income. Oh well, I guess I get to test out the new “sticky post” feature with a disclaimer about exactly that.

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  5. That’s interesting.

    Some people aren’t well protected and/or have bad security habits online. Often enough people have adware invading their browser that puts popups on their most visited sites or sites that are ripe with the keywords to activate the particular adware, and it only seems as if the site has a problem.

  6. Aerik, I don’t quite get your point. This is not some rumoured behaviour, this is an announcement from WP that you have to pay them to guarantee that they won’t insert ads onto your blog. Lorelle’s post has the links.

  7. Actually, if it’s Google Adsense ads the appropriateness of the ads is a serious concern. I have them on my Women in Science blog, and while they are usually fine they occasionally kick up an ad that’s grossly inappropriate (“Meet Sexy Housewives”, “Date Asian Women”). Presumably those are triggered by the keywords like “woman” or “women”. I can block those through my Adsense account, but you presumably won’t have any control if WordPress is inserting the advertising. That stinks.

  8. Are you absolutely certain they didn’t announce it? According to this article:

    They did announce it, but two years ago.

  9. Perhaps I should have used the word “disclosure” instead of “announcement” – an announcement in their blog 2 years ago is not the same as a frank disclosure to new users.

    2 years ago this blog was on a different platform. I never saw anything that said that there would be ads inserted onto the blog when I signed up and ported the content over here – how about any other wordpress.com users?

  10. That’s a very valid point, they should make it obvious to first-timers in every way possible, instead of just hoping they stumble on an oudated article.

  11. Damnit! Dang wordpress.

    Thanks for the post, I was wondering what the catch was for free blog hosting, now I know.

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