The new WP.com admin interface strikes again

This post is about a sidebar module management problem. If you need to remove the Possibly Related Posts feature there’s a footnote to this post giving you the needed link.

One of the sidebar widgets is incorrectly formatted, but when I go to the design management section that particular widget has no link showing for “Edit”. I can move it, which is why it’s currently sitting at the bottom of the left-had sidebar looking like a complete mess, but without an edit-link showing I can’t access the edit-function which is the only way that the new interface allows me to remove that widget. So I can’t fix it, and I can’t remove it either. Brilliant.

Update: someone on the forums gave me a fix that worked. Ta. Details at the end of the post.

screenshot of the widget manager

If there was a “reset to default” button on the widget page, I could rebuild my sidebar widgets again from scratch in this situation. But there isn’t. Why not? It would be a simple problem-solver addition in cases where the sidebar management function sticks for some weird reason, as appears to be its wont.

I’m getting used to the new interface, and some things about it do appear to be genuine improvements, but this is one of many areas where it’s snafu.

N.B. if you too blog on wordpress.com and are finding strange links appearing at the bottom of your posts, you haven’t been hacked. It’s the newly rolled out Possibly Related Posts (PRP) feature, which seems to have been very poorly thought out in terms of how it finds these PRP links, and which is opt-out rather than opt-in. For more information, including how to disable it, see Lorelle.

Update – The Above-Promised Solution: the solution is to navigate the page using the TAB key. Just keep hitting TAB until the cursor moves over the top of the hidden EDIT link, then click the mouse, and then the edit-function will open the widget and you can fix the problem. I found that the widget did not want to accept any changes to the coding (it would close when I hit CHANGE in the widget, but then when I hit SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the list of widgets it wouldn’t save and just reopened the widget again). Hitting REMOVE worked though.

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2 comments on “The new WP.com admin interface strikes again

  1. This is a new bug; thanks for finding it 🙂

    There’s a couple related bugs with widgets that we’re working on as well. We’ll get is squared away as soon as we can.


  2. Good luck with it!

    I think it was largely that my original title for the RSS module was long, and it extended over the field for the edit-link and masked it.

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