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Event Announcement: Chicago screenings of Nubian’s documentary

“Nubian” is the nom du blog of the writer of Blac(k)ademic, Kortney Ryan Ziegler. She is fundraising in order to finance the final post-production phase of her documentary, an experimental film project titled still black: a portrait of black transmen, and there are screenings this weekend in Chicago.

Directed by experimental filmmaker Kortney Ryan Ziegler, still black is a feature-length documentary that explores the lives of six black transgender men living in the United States. Through the intimate stories of their lives as artists, students, husbands, fathers, lawyers, and teachers, the film offers viewers a complex and multi-faceted image of race, sexuality and trans identity.

It sounds like a 101 on intersectionality, doesn’t it? There are some clips from the film at the film’s website.

Details of the screenings are here, including contact details and a link where you can donate money if you like her work but can’t make it to the screenings.

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One comment on “Event Announcement: Chicago screenings of Nubian’s documentary

  1. That does sound very compelling.

    On a similar note, I just recently saw a screening of black./womyn.:conversations, which is a documentary recording black lesbians speaking for themselves about their lives. It’s really beautifully done, and is another good lesson in intersectionality… the next screenings are in Denver, Boston, and DC… and the rest of the info will be up there as it comes, I suppose.

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