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PSA: Swamped by spam? Let Auntie tame it for you

Everybody dealing with dozens, and especially if they’re dealing with hundreds of spam comments in Akismet, should immediately download Firefox and make it their browser if they’re not using it already, so that they can install this nifty browser extension from Internet Duct Tape:

Greasemonkey Script: Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress

The true beauty of it: if you are, like I am, an admin on multiple WordPress blogs you only have to install this extension once and it will work on all your WordPress blogs.

Akismet Auntie Spam is not a WordPress plugin. It is a script for the Firefox web browser that will work with any installation of WordPress or WordPress Multi-user — that means you can use it with WordPress.com, Edublogs.org, Blogsome.com and any site that is running WordPress with Akismet.

I approach my spam folder with a light heart now, thanks to Eric. I thoroughly recommend this script.

P.S. tip o’ the topper to Lauredhel for sending me the link

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One comment on “PSA: Swamped by spam? Let Auntie tame it for you

  1. You’re welcome!

    All I want now is a way to adjust it to show the first three lines instead of just the first one – I think I would find it a bit quicker to scan for false positives.

    But the pages and pages of spamspew are gone. Phew.

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