More Feminism Friday posts: two from Melissa at Shakesville

I just left this link in comments to the previous post, but it deserves greater visibility.

Feminism 101: Calling Out Fellow Progressives for “Sexism Prevents Unity on the Left”

Melissa comprehensively debunks this pernicious silencing tactic.

Just one little part:

There are too many progressives who view social change like conservatives view economics: Make everything as splendid as possible for those at the top and the benefits will “trickle down” to everyone below.

Well, it’s bullshit when we’re talking about tax cuts, and it’s bullshit when we’re talking about equality and opportunity.

ADDIT: Melissa also wrote another great Feminism 101 post earlier this week (can you tell that I’m only just catching up with my feed-reader?):

Feminism 101: “Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About”

Of all the condescending, dismissive, and factually incorrect accusations used by concern trolls (or hostile trolls) to attempt to silence, shame, or in some other way discourage feminists from addressing sexism in all its manifestations, perhaps none is quite so stupid as the charge that feminists are “looking” for things about which to be offended—as if feminism is a product that will go out of production if there aren’t enough buyers and sales are waning because sexism is, like, so over, dude.

Two from Melissa as well as two from Jill. We’re very spoilt for Feminism Friday style posts this week. Read any other great posts that display the Feminism Friday sensibility recently?

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