Event: Digital Photography Contest themed on gender roles

This was just sent to me from Spain. Looks interesting (website uses Flash and some images are Not Safe For viewing at Work), although the shots currently in their gallery seem to focus perhaps overly much on the sex aspect of our gender roles, and it would be good to see some works looking at a broader view.


Rolling Rolak, set up by Pripublikarrak feminism group and Nontzeberri cultural web site wishes to think about the roles we have, which we invent, or which have been enforced on us, and to think beyond the masculine/feminine, male/female, traditional man/woman binary. .

As a result, Rolling Rolak embraces three events involving various degrees of participation: Argazklik which is an on-line photo competition open to whoever may wish to participate; Camara Crossing which is a series of photographs taken one after the other involving social and cultural agents working fields linked to feminism; and lastly, Production of gender and bodies a theoretical seminar which looks at the possibilities of thinking about gender through various areas of contemporary art.

We would like to show both real and ideal alternatives, new types of masculinity or femininity (or show the traditional ones) or intermediates options (invented, dreamed longer for etc). Rethinking our gender or genders, our roles, turning them round (and inside out). It also attempts to locate what is masculine or feminine to denounce the stereotyping surrounding roles, the differences in terms of rights between men and women, the myths, and the very varied realities.

Argazklik Photography Contest.

This is an on-line competition on the site http://www.argazklik.com (see English)

Works must be made up of three inter-related photographs, which may or may not form a narrative. Registering is free.

We have invited five artists, whose work will be exhibited outside the competition, to set up the project, establish possible criteria and to encourage people to participate: Shu Lea Cheang (Taiwan), Carles Congost (Olot, Spain), Voodoo-EROS (New York), Elssie Ansareo (Mexico) and Julia Montilla (Barcelona, Spain).

The deadline to submit for the competition will be 21st May 2008 (13.00 p.m. local time).

The competition offers the following awards:

– First Award: 3000 euros
– Second Award: 2.000 euros
– Third Award: 1.000 euros
– Artistic Production Prize: Arteleku arts centre (San Sebastian, http://www.arteleku.net) will help the production undertake a photographic project of 500 euros.

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