9 for ’09: challenges to address On Day One of the next U.S. presidency

The inbox has been piling up. This one is from the UN Foundation on behalf of their new interactive online community.

We’ve created the website, On Day One (http://www.ondayone.org/) as a platform for gathering and sharing ideas about what the next president can do on the first day of his or her administration to help address the world’s most pressing challenges, including Global Women’s Issues, which is one of the 9 categories (9 for ’09) under which ideas can be posted.

We are in Beta, and are reaching out to get you and your readers to share your thoughts, upload videos, and use your voice to help shape the next presidential agenda. We would love to then help promote your idea by featuring it on the homepage!

I hope that you’ll visit the site to see what others are saying, share your own thoughts, and spread the word. Social media is only useful insofar as it effects real world change -together, we can hold the next president accountable On Day One!

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4 comments on “9 for ’09: challenges to address On Day One of the next U.S. presidency

  1. I’m not from USA but those comments from the Iraq threat http://www.ondayone.org/node/57? Make me want to kill someone. By fire.

  2. I’m not sure I want to debate the war in Iraq here, Noir. The only reason that the On Day One idea is relevant to this blog is because one of their 9 areas of emphasis is Global Women’s Issues.

  3. Yeah, you are right. Sorry. I was just… offtopically venting off I think.

    Sorry about that.

  4. No worries, Noir! We all do it once in a while.

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