A few links to posts addressing particular points of feminist theory and activism, tied together by the fact that they included memorable soundbite rebuttals:

Jill (Feministe):

Deni’s argument is that prostitutes can’t be raped because they sell sex — which is kind of like saying that merchants can’t be robbed because they sell goods.

Richie (Crimitism) on women’s alleged power over men via dressing provocatively etc:

you can’t simultaneously be in control and be victimised as a result of the exact same thing.

Entangled (commenting at Shapely Prose):

I find it shameful that people expect genetically heavier people (or people who have had a change in metabolism due to illness, medication, or past cycles of starvation and plenty) to exist in a state of semi-starvation for their entire lives just to reach someone else’s judgment of what they should look like.

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