Best of ’07: post nominations

femmobolsho.gifThis is to alert the feminist/womanist blogging community to the FemmoBolsho ’07 Best Posts compilation I have just announced over at Hoyden About Town. (“Bolshy” in Aussie slang has no special leftist connotations, it has a stronger denotation of simply “challenging the status quo”.)

There are two wings of the nomination procedure: nominate your favourite feminist/womanist posts of the year from various bloggers, and also nominate your own personal best posts of the year, in your opinion. The reason for nominating your own best posts is to give people a chance to check out some new writing during the holiday season, from bloggers who might not get that much traffic normally. Nominations close on 22 December ’07 01 January ’08 (Australian time).

This is not going to be a voting competition, this is purely nominations and then the panel (so far myself and Lauredhel – any regular commenters want to volunteer?) will read the submissions and post a list of our particular top 40 from the nominated posts, sometime in the first fortnight of January ’08. So it’s more like an editor’s anthology, I guess.

Comments are closed on this post, so that the nominations thread can be just in one place, over at Hoyden.

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