Carnival roundup

A reminder for those looking for excellence in feminist blogging, the various feminist and women-centric blog carnivals regularly present the cream of the crop. All the carnivals below feature strong analysis of gender roles and other feminist issues, and the special interest carnivals highlight how feminism informs areas such as science careers and science fiction. Here’s the latest editions:

Carnival of Feminists

Carnival No. 48 is now up on Feminist Fire.

The next carnival will be on December 5 on Days in a wannabe punks life.

Carnival of Radical Feminists

Carnival No.8 now up on One Salford Feminist

The 9th carnival will be on Dec 24, on Lo, Braless Living LA. Submissions close Wed, Dec 12.

Carnival Against Sexual Violence

The 35th edition is now up at Abyss2hope. The carnival comes out on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction & Fantasy Fans

The 17th Carnival is up on Spawn of Blogorrhea.

18th Carnival
Where: Trouble: More Than Bargained For
When: November 30th

Scientiae: women in science, engineering, technology and math

13th Edition: the November carnival is up at Green Gabbro.

The December carnival will be at A K8, A Cat, A Mission.

Carnival of Bent Attractions

This carnival appears to be defunct – and the links to the last carnival aren’t working for me. If anyone has better information about it, please add in comments.

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