Happy Halloween

Scare us all! Open thread for creepy stories and revoltingly sexist costume links (because strangely, we don’t see superheroes in costumes like this, at this time of year or any other).

cosmic boy grell

Alternatively, if you’re doing something kickarse for Halloween or Samhain, link here to your posts about it.

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6 comments on “Happy Halloween

  1. Shakesville has an awesome special header up for Halloween. Bewdiful.

  2. FYI that drawing rocks.

  3. I found that image on someone else’s blog, but I finally found the source for it – legionaires.com. That is one Cosmic Boy, apparently. The other artists draw him with leotard in between the black bits, only this guy draws him showing this much skin.

  4. I like this version better 🙂

  5. that’s not right. he would need to have a bulge in his thong concealing a penis larger than that of any actual human being.

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