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As you might notice in the “Recent Comments” section of the sidebar to the right, there’s an awful lot of comments coming from someone called “FAQ”.  That’s actually tekanji going to town on FAQ updates, adding more quotes and links and summaries, which are generating trackbacks to the other FAQs that they link to etc etc.

So apologies for the lack of new posts, but if you click through on any of the posts with an “FAQ” recent comment, you should find new material on it.  Thanks for all the fine work, tekanji!


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6 comments on “FAQ Updates

  1. Interesting article about why a woman should not talk to men friends about her feelings:


  2. *cough* I swear sometimes I just get in a kind of “blog spring cleaning” kind of frenzy. It’s mostly because the posts on sexism that I’m working on needed to be linked together, which got me thinking that other FAQ entries could benefit from the same style of linkage and yeah….

    I’m probably strange (okay, I know I’m strange!) but the management of blog posts, especially with the structure of this blog, is something I find to be really fun. ^^;

  3. I enjoy sorting out the information architecture side of things as well, tekanji. It’s easy to let it slide sometimes in terms of updating the older posts though, so I’m very happy to see that done.

  4. In the meantime it’s gotten me to start two new posts on men and feminism, and I have yet to finish my FAQ entry on internalized sexism, which I would like to go up at the same time as the other sexism posts.

    I blame you for making this blog and letting me contribute!

    Yeah, if I pass the buck I can feel all self-righteous and pretend that I am not in control of how I spend my own leisure time. Oh, I am sooooo smart………………… oh wait, did I just say that out loud?

  5. PS. Finished all the updates on men and feminism that I started because of said cleaning frenzy, but didn’t touch my internalized sexism piece. I guess it’ll have to wait until the weekend. -,-

  6. The men and feminism posts are great! Well done you.

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