Updates and mea culpa

I’ve just taken a look over the various information pages (links above the banner and in the sidebar) and done a bit of reformatting and tightening up of the wording, aiming to make navigating easier for new readers.

The comments policy, in particular, has been updated and extended.

Finally, I just want to apologise to everyone who left great suggestions over the past few months that I haven’t followed up yet. My brain doesn’t do winter well, I’m afraid. Now that spring is here I should have more thinking energy.

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2 comments on “Updates and mea culpa

  1. I got really really confused by the whole winter/spring thing. And then I remembered that you live on the other side of the world and it all made sense. I wish it were spring here too. It’s just getting cold and my central heating has died.

    Anyway, the blog looks really great.

  2. Heh. I almost clarified with the word “antipodean”, but ya know I’m not that much into spoonfeeding, right?

    Glad it didn’t flummox you for too long!

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