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The 45th Carnival of Feminists went up last week at Feminist Philosophers. Lots of good reading there, and below are links to some more great feminist reading that I’ve found in my feedreader this last week. I can’t read all the blogs out there, so obviously I miss great stuff. If you’ve read something insightful, inspirational and/or clarifying in the last week or so, please add a link in comments.

Femininity and gender roles

Sugar and spice and everything hackneyed
from Feministing by Jessica

High heels – then and now
from The F-Word Blog by Jess McCabe

All women are hardwired – except me
from The F-Word Blog by Catherine Redfern

The Descent of Man
from Reclusive Leftist by The Ghost of Violet

Sexual violence

Sex slavery not just confined to big cities
from The F-Word Blog by Samara Ginsberg

Intersectionality of Oppressions

Double standards: racism and racial divisions in feminism
from Mind the Gap! by Zenobia

Rethinking Global Sisterhood
from Feministe by Jill

Reproductive freedoms

Catholic Church continues murderous rampage in Africa
from Shakespeare’s Sister by Wolfrum

Repeal the global gag rule
from Pandagon by Amanda Marcotte

Flushing birth control pills and poking holes in condoms
from Pandagon by Amanda Marcotte

Abortion access for female inmates in Missouri
from Feministing by Ann

Are C-sections killing women?
from Feministe by Jill

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  1. Actually, the Carnival is at Feminist Philosophers.

  2. Oops. Got the link right and the name wrong (fixed now). Thanks for the correction.

  3. Some interesting stuff. Thank you

  4. Heh. Following links around the blogosphere… I just found out there’s a whole web ring of “men are better than women” blogs. WTF? Spot the pin dick.

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