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In my inbox this morning. As I’m not a US citizen, I reproduce it here for those who are:

Hi Feminism 101,
My name is Joey Appley-Epstein, and I’m writing to you on behalf of a project by the Women’s Campaign Forum called “She Should Run.” The goal of the project is to encourage both women and men to nominate inspiring pro-choice women to run for office — in every type of election from school boards to the United States Senate. So far, the project has collected 800 nominations and because of the positive feedback and response, we’ve decided to make a final push to 1,000 total nominations.

For this final push, we have decided to reach out to online communities for their help. As both this project and your own blog focus on the subject of female empowerment, I thought you might be interested in learning about our efforts. To reach our goal of 1,000, it certainly is going to be a community effort and we would really appreciate your help in discussing this special project before it concludes.

The greatest part of this project is that it’s the real thing, too, and not a superficial exercise by any stretch of the imagination. As the nominations have come in, the WCF has been following up to make sure these women receive the support and resources they need to run. They’re even planning their first training session with women who have been encouraged to run as a direct result of this project.

With that, here are some resources on the project:

1) The She Should Run website: http://www.sheshouldrun.org
2) A video overview of the She Should Run project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG55HNFmoNY
3) A great video by Congresswoman/Fellow Mom Debbie Wasserman Schultz on She Should Run, encouragement, and running for office: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk7NVr2RcIQ

Obviously, this isn’t a one-sided e-mail. As this project is all about participation, please send me any comments or questions that you have, and I’ll be sure to get them answered as soon as possible.
Looking forward to hearing back from you.
– Joey

–Joey Appley-Epstein
Blue State Digital

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6 comments on “We get activist email

  1. Just love the quote “Obviously, this isn’t a one-sided e-mail”. Well, obviously it is. Read the URL http://www.bluestatedigital.com. Yet another fool who thinks we’re not smart enough to figure it out.

  2. I’m not entirely with you, RM. Blue State Digital’s site says that they are partisan in favour of socially progressive politicians and activists, and She Should Run certainly qualifies and is indeed of special relevance to readers of this blog.

    I get that BSD itself is a for-profit entity which feeds off the political sector, but that wasn’t hard seeing as they’re not hiding that fact. Does that matter if they are effective at helping progressive institutions get their message across?

    I don’t know how good BSD is at their job or not. I do know that She Should Run is a cause worthy of feminist support.

  3. Hi RM and tigtog,

    I work alongside Joey at Blue State Digital and wanted to take a moment to clear up any confusion that RM had. We’re especially dedicated to the practice of transparency, which is why we always say who we’re representing. We also include our own company name for this very reason — so that there are zero illusions. And tigtog, you’re right — the content we sent you is relevant to your blog because we like to make 100% sure that the author and the readers of the blog that we contact are especially interested in what we’re sharing with them. I’m a blogger myself, and as I tend to get quite a few “pitches” each day (many of them quite spammy and irrelevant), I like to be totally sure that we’re doing things correctly.

    Please contact me at brad (AT) bluestatedigital (DOT) com if you have any more questions — I’ll be happy to discuss. We mean it and we like to prove it when we say that our outreach isn’t one-sided.

    Many thanks for posting about She Should Run, and it really is a great cause that we’re excited to be promoting!

    Take care,

  4. Thanks for that, Brad. I think RM’s point might have been predicated on a misunderstanding of what you meant by “not one-sided” – I understood it to mean, as you have subsequently clarified, that the communication was meant to be two-way, not just from you to us. I think RM misunderstood it as a claim to be non-partisan, which you emphatically are not and make no effort to disguise.

  5. Interesting to see this debate going on when Abortion is such a non-issue here in the UK. Despite that, parliament is only made up of 18% women.

    There is a real drive to get more people, coming forward and running for office. But like the US it has a long way to go.

  6. JohnN, I think it’s not just that abortion is a very divisive issue in the States, it’s also that pro-choice is used as shorthand there for a person who agrees with most feminist-friendly public stances.

    The gender imbalance in legislatures around the world is one of the most glaring instances of sexual inequity. More power to all female candidates, even those whose opinions I disagree with, in redressing the balance.

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