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As the blog is attracting some new commentors at the moment, it is timely to remind everyone that there is a Comments Policy and that all commentors are expected to abide by it.


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3 comments on “New commentors

  1. The “Leave a Reply” form has no link to this policy or requirement to read all the “Where to Start” material. It seems awfully easy for a newbie to follow a link and start commenting in a thread without knowing the policy even exists.

  2. The free WordPress blogs don’t offer me the option of adding that text to the “Leave a Reply” segment of the code as far as I can tell, E. I’m not sure I could do it even with the paid upgrade, as as I understand it WP only lets you edit the stylesheet, not the various .php modules that control the comments etc.

    The PLEASE READ THIS FIRST link really is pretty obvious both in the header tabs and in the sidebar. There’s not much excuse for a newbie to miss it.

  3. I’ve added an extra link to the comments policy in the right sidebar. People would have to be actively avoiding reading the navigation aids to miss the comments policy links now.

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