Some small changes

I’m changing to a three column template to make it easier to navigate the blog. It means the logo has to go, but I wasn’t that fussed with it anyway moved to the sidebar because I actually was more attached to it than I thought.

It might take me a little while to get the sidebars formatted to my satisfaction. Bear with me, please.


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4 comments on “Some small changes

  1. The “Select Category” pop-up intrudes into the middle column and overlays some text on Firefox. I’m running windows xp pro 64 in case that matters. Widening the browser doesn’t seem to help much either.

  2. Thanks, Noen. It’s the one thing I don’t like about this template, but if I don’t choose the drop-down option then the category hierarchy doesn’t show. It may get around to annoying me enough that I choose to pay to edit the CSS, but I’m not there yet.

  3. I like the new layout. I’ve lately been messing with templates, and I know what an inexact science it can be, so thanks for the hard work!

  4. Thanks, Jeff. Much appreciated.

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