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I’ve been doing so much writing on our Australian domestic politics lately (we’re coming up to an election) that it’s crowded FAQ writing out of the schedule. My apologies. I hereby resolve to at least keep up to date on Round-up posts for you twice a week. Please treat this thread as a shameless spruiking opportunity for your own blogging – or to let us all know about a great post you just read – just leave a link and a brief topic description in the comments!

Some of these posts are full of information, some are fabulous rants, some are brief but pose important questions and some have fantastic comments threads. Some posts tick several of those boxes. Please think about leaving some comment love to encourage the authors on smaller blogs!

(N.B. Occasionally, some of these posts generate monster comments threads. It’s understandable to not want to wade through hundreds of comments, but usually reading at least the first 50 or so is illuminating.)

Now, on to the links:

Who’s to blame for rape?
from Feministe by Jill

Okay, Now I’m Mad
from Shapely Prose by kateharding

Failure to Deliver: Tolerating Reproductive Health Abuses
from RHRealityCheck.org blogs by Andrea Lynch

Mr Chairman
from Penguin unearthed by penguinunearthed

Why are men never told they need to balance home and career?
from Feministing by Samhita

Forced electroshock: what’s good for the goose is totally unacceptable for the gander
from Reclusive Leftist by Violet

Link farm on racism
from Odanu

42nd Carnival of Feminists at Uncool

But Women Are Infants!
from Shakespeare’s Sister by JeffFecke (also posts from Jess at The F-Word, Jessica at Feministing, Jill at Feministe)

How Prejudice and Bias works
from The Angry Black Woman by the angry black woman

Global peace index ignores violence against women
from The F-Word Blog by Jess McCabe

Public Property, Public Trans, and Privilege
from Shakespeare’s Sister by MelissaMcEwan

Women still the target of sexual violence
from The F-Word Blog by Abby O’Reilly

Yes, *that* particular divisive issue
from Mind the Gap! by Zenobia

Lookie who’s gone all fish-hugging on us. Wonder what prompted that?
from PunkAssBlog by Kyso Kisaen

Fat Hatred Kills, Parts One | Two | Three
Guest posts from Thorn at Shapely Prose

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2 comments on “Feminist Link Round Up

  1. Inspired in part by this blog, I’ve put together a new Squidoo Lens called Advice for New Feminists (previously titled Feminism for Beginners). In addition to links to Feminist blogs, I’ve started a list of good feminist reads to start out with, t-shirts etc. I’d love for people to come by and check it out as well as to leave some advice for new feminists.

    (I’ve also done another lens called Relationship Advice that doesn’t Suck which may also be of interest to folks with a feminist bent.

  2. Thanks, Liz. Good luck with it.

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