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Meet the new blogger

The wonderful Andrea Rubenstein, aka tekanji, has offered to post material here on occasion, particularly when she finds herself doing yet another feminist links post. From her own bio:

I’m a writer, feminist, gamer, geek, and all-around opinionated person. In addition to this site, I own and run Shrub.com (parent site to all Shrub-related material), and am the founder and primary blogger of the Official Shrub.com Blog. Totally interesting, I’m sure.

tekanji’s collection of Feminism 101 links over at the Official Shrub.com Blog were an inspiration to me as I started off the FAQs here, so I’m very happy indeed to welcome Andrea on board. She’s got a few ideas that I’ll let her outline in her own words. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.


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  1. I have a suggestion. Could you do an explanation of MRAs please? It might be helpful for normal men to understand why feminists dislike MRAs so much.

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