Sexual Harassment

Haven’t put together an FAQ for SH yet, but I just found an excellent resource for anyone looking for clearly laid out material.

From the Memorial University of Newfoundland: Sexual Harassment Information Site.

Obviously, their definitions and referenced laws are specific to their own region, but the site offers more information about the conceptual and theoretical framework underlying laws and actions against sexual harassment. Good info, and a very well laid-out site that’s easy to navigate.

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2 comments on “Sexual Harassment

  1. Hmm. Was looking for a good resource for the unfortunately common reaction from women to describing episodes of SH: ‘but no one ever harasses me, so (the target’s behavior must be at fault, or it must be about looks, or ‘I’d give my right arm to get that kind of attention, you whiney wretch!’ or whatever).

    General anti-internalized-sexual-competition/anti-undermining/ally frameworks for talking about SH, the separation of SH from ‘beauty,’ and also why it is obnoxious to suggest the targeted woman: a) get a better sackcloth-and-ashes ensemble, b) essentially never leave her house to avoid SH, or c) is somehow responsible for her targeting.

    Wrote about it here, including ‘The Sexual Harassment of Uppity Women’ research info/links, but feel unable to address one commenter’s ‘what gives? what you describe has never, ever happened to me’ in a useful way.

    Wondering if anyone can point to good handlings of this elsewhere?

    WordPress looks great! And as ever, hooray for this blog –

  2. Jenn Vesperman dropped a good link in the Open Suggestion thread recently:


    It’s not totally what you’re looking for, but it does kick the ball around the same park.

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