Wow, what a week!

There I was last week thinking that I’d noodle along with this FAQ thing with a post every now and then and eventually it might get some attention. I was obviously not accounting for the “Feministe effect” after zuzu, bless her cotton socks, linked here with not just one but two separate posts recommending FF101.

I’m immensely thrilled by all the traffic and positive feedback, and to see so many hits coming in from feed-readers after a new post goes up, and to see how many hits are coming in from other people’s blogs because they’ve linked to this very new and essentially untried blog. Especially when all those links have pushed up the search-engine ranking of individual FAQ posts so that they’re already often on the first page of results for search-strings with all those basic questions, which is more than I could ever have hoped for in the first week of reviving the blog.

It’s all rather humbling. I have to admit that looking at the sitemeter made me gulp a bit about how little of the basics I’d got covered yet when all these people were coming to look, so it’s been a little hectic adding posts this week to clarify the purpose of the blog and cover a few of the most contentious matters (still plenty to go!).

I very much doubt that I’ll keep up the pace of this week as long as it’s only me posting FAQs [SFX: sound of heavy hint dropping], but I’ll aim to get several posts up per week. I hope this blog lives up to my goal for it to be both a useful feminist resource and a supportive feminist community.

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