Friday Open Thread: Favourite Feminist Music

Please add your favourite performers/songs/musicals/operas in comments. Especially keen for an international sampling outside the Western mainstream hit parade.

If you’ve written a review on any of them, please add the link.

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12 comments on “Friday Open Thread: Favourite Feminist Music

  1. Copied comments from old blog below:

    Sinead O’Connor
    Alanis Morissette
    Toti Amos
    Bikini Kill
    Le Tigre
    The Indigo Girls
    Joni Mitchel
    Joan Baez

    And many more that I can’t remember at this point.
    melody_kitty | 03.16.07 – 8:26 am | #
    I’m loving Pink at the moment, particularly as my daughter is 12 and Pink is cool and subversive.

    I’m a big fan of the old female crooners, especially Peggy Lee’s “‘cos I’m a woman, W-O-M-A-N”.

    Of course, ARETHA. R-e-s-p-e-c-t.
    tigtog | 03.16.07 – 11:36 am | #
    Bjork, apart from typifying the musical pioneer, has clearly demonstrated a mastery of the arts in whole.

    Of course, there is still plenty to say about The Raincoats, and Au Pairs.
    deanbcurtis | 03.17.07 – 1:51 pm | #
    has no one said Ani DiFranco? She is so classic.

    Norah Jones, for the simple fact that she doesn’t exploit her beauty to sell records.

    Fiona Apple.

    Tori Amos, most definitely.

    Janis Joplin, she could really rock.

    Chrissy Hynde.

    Carole King.

    Aretha Franklin.

    Diana Ross.

    Cyndi Lauper.


    Mary J. Blige


    Lauryn Hill
    thinking girl | 03.19.07 – 1:19 am | #
    One of my favorite bands is Garmonbozia.


    Their best songs, IMO, are all available from their MySpace. “Ugly” and “Breaking the Silence” are particularly of interest to this thread’s topic.
    BlackBloc | 03.20.07 – 7:43 am | #
    Emmylou Harris
    Erykah Badu
    Jill Scott
    Neko Case
    Jill | 03.20.07 – 8:33 am | #

    Heavens to Betsy and Team Dresch?

    Maybe they’re just my favorite artists.

    p.s. This site is wonderful! I will refer my non-thinking MSW fellow students to your site.
    h. (holly) | 03.20.07 – 8:46 am | #
    I love Heather Alexander. Not only is her music lovely, it offers strong feminist messaging to boot.

    Black Jack’s Lady, for instance, takes the traditional tale/song of Black Jack Davy (dashing womanizer always on the run) and flips it on its head with a strong woman who takes him to task for his lack of care.

    She’s an awesome woman, a hell of a performer, and a good role model for anyone looking for something for their kids.
    magniloquence | 03.20.07 – 8:46 am | #
    * Ani DiFranco
    * Dar Williams
    * Kate Bush
    * Laurie Anderson
    * The Caulfield Sisters / Pee Shy
    * Tori Amos
    * Voices on the Verge

    post on Pee Shy/Caulfield Sisters
    http://phiogistic.blogspot.com/2…ed- sisters.html
    Phio Gistic | 03.20.07 – 10:57 am | #
    Okey doke, let’s see….

    How about Rosanne Cash’s whole album “10 Song Demo,” most notably “Take My Body”?

    Lucinda Williams, specifically the self-titled double CD including “I Changed the Locks” and “Side of the Road.”

    Nanci Griffith, especially the album “Flyer” including “Time of Inconvenience” and “Anything You Need but Me.”

    Any and all Patty Griffin, all all, bless her.

    Anything ever by Jane Siberry, now known as Issa. That woman is a strange and beautiful angel on this earth. Jazz, pop, techno and country-influenced, not to mention that she sold off everything she owned a while ago, and is now running a website selling her music for whatever you feel it’s worth to buy because she believes in the inherent fairness and goodness of people. So much love!

    Dar Williams, encore encore! All of her earlier stuff in particular helped me to wake up… “When I Was a Boy”, “The Babysitter’s Here”, “You’re Aging Well” (with Joan Baez), “As Cool As I Am,” and so so many more.

    Open your car windows, sing at the top of your lungs! Happy, happy listening!
    Jess | 03.20.07 – 11:20 am | #
    bimbo shrineheads – because i ended up at feminism101 after poking around their band blog.
    lask | 03.23.07 – 3:55 am | #
    bikini kill
    my ruin
    7 year bitch
    the donnas
    p.j harvey
    regina spektor
    ani difranco
    indigo girls
    tori amos
    delta hillyard | 04.26.07 – 2:50 am | #

  2. Jerra (though I must admit, her brand of grrrl is a bit watered down)
    Most bands on Blackheart Records.

  3. i can`t think of any right off the bat…but can anyone think of any male feminist performers? i think we often straight up associate feminism with music by women, but i don`t think it should be exclusivlely so

  4. S.J. (Sooj) Tucker (http://sjtucker.com/) is my new absolute favorite. Haven’t got any of her albums (yet), but I saw her perform several times this summer. Not only is she an incredible songwriter, singer and musician – SHE SPINS FIRE!!!

    Check out “The Wendy Saga,” her tale of what happens when Wendy gets fed up with looking after Peter Pan & the Lost Boys.

  5. Oh, as far as dudes… Michael Franti seems to have his head on straight.

  6. How about some indie women?

    Cat Power
    Kimya Dawson
    Girl Scout
    Mommy and Daddy

    As for male feminist artists, get ahold of the Adam Green song “Hairy Women”.

  7. Let’s not forget Helen Reddy.

    I remember reading an article once in which she claimed she refused to ever sing Love Gone Wrong songs. It’s a while since I read the article, but I recall her describing them as something like ‘those “Come back and f___ me just one more time or I’ll slash my wrists” songs’.

    Until I read this quote, I had been quite unconscious of the romanticised masochism that ran through so much of the material made famous by the great female divas – Billie Holliday, Patsy Cline, Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt and so on …

    It makes you wonder how much of it was their own choice and how much of it was advice from minders and managers expressing patriarchal views about the songs people ‘wanted’ to hear women sing.

  8. The first expressly feminist music I encountered had to be Consolidated. http://www.consolidatedmusic.org/

    The song Butyric Acid still gives me shivers. I love Business of Punishment, which is what I first heard, but couldn’t get into the rest.

  9. i don’t think anyone has mentioned heather nova yet. her album oyster is amazing.

  10. lol if you’re looking for anything especially raunchy I’d say Peaches! Her music is extremely sexual, but often questions stereotypical binary gender roles.

  11. I’m surprised that no one has recommended “The Dresden Dolls” yet! Absolutely feminist.

  12. The Indelicates, if only for ‘Our Daughters Will Never Be Free’.

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