April Open Thread

April Open Thread

Some of you really want to see more action here again. But I’m just not sure that I have anything new to say…I’ve decided therefore that I’ll experiment with monthly Open Threads for a while and see what you all come up with.

PSA: Swamped by spam? Let Auntie tame it for you

Everybody dealing with dozens, and especially if they’re dealing with hundreds of spam comments in Akismet, should immediately download Firefox and make it their browser if they’re not using it already, so that they can install this nifty browser extension from Internet Duct Tape: Greasemonkey Script: Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress The true beauty of […]

9 for ’09: challenges to address On Day One of the next U.S. presidency

The inbox has been piling up. This one is from the UN Foundation on behalf of their new interactive online community. We’ve created the website, On Day One (http://www.ondayone.org/) as a platform for gathering and sharing ideas about what the next president can do on the first day of his or her administration to help […]

Event: MichFest Halfway Soiree (and a way to promote and organise feminist meetings)

Another event landed in my mailbox: Third Annual MichFest Half-Way Soirée party on March 1st in honor of the six month mark to the famed Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. All are welcome to join us at Cattyshack, Brooklyn, (249 4th Avenue between President & Carroli St.) at 6:30 pm-3:00 am, pre-party drumming circle 5:30-6:30 pm. […]

Event: Digital Photography Contest themed on gender roles

This was just sent to me from Spain. Looks interesting (website uses Flash and some images are Not Safe For viewing at Work), although the shots currently in their gallery seem to focus perhaps overly much on the sex aspect of our gender roles, and it would be good to see some works looking at […]

Slippery Slopes and Begging Other Questions

Quick – what’s the difference between begging the question and raising the question? If you’re not sure, and especially if you’ve never even thought there was a difference, you need to brush up on rhetorical tricks and logical fallacies before you wade out into debates. Start here.


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